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    Hi, I live in Michigan and i used to smoke about a dime a day for about five years. My friend that supplied me with my weed moved about eight months ago, and i have no way of reaching him. A little while back, i was walking out of the mall around the back of a movie theater and saw two guys smoking behind a wall that seperated the theater from a small wooded area, and some bushes. At first they looked kinda freaked out like they had been caught or somthing, and i think that i scared the s**t out of them. When i walked by them they asked me if i wanted to smoke with them and since i hadn't had anything better than a cigarette to smoke for more than seven months, i was very happy to join them. After we were done i bought a dime off one of them. (i would have bought much more but all i had was ten) The weed was very good, i could barely stand after four hits. I should have asked the guy for his number so i could buy more, but i didn't think to ask. All i have left is a single seed from the dime. I need instructions from somone that really knows what they are doing, since only have one seed, and i don't know s**t about growing. I need to know how to germinate the seed, How, and where, and what time i should plant it. How much i should water it. How long it takes to flower, and when is it the best time to pick it. I know this is a very stupid question but should i use miracle grow??? And how do i dry it?? I have a drainage well near my house that is fenced in and has lots of trees around it to hide the weed plant, and nobody ever goes near it.
  2. Welcome to GC!

    You can't arrange meet ups on here, so id remove that from the post if i were you.

    Also, try looking around in the growing section.

    And the fact you only have one seed isnt promising, id order some feminized seeds offline. Theres a 50% chance your plant will be a male(only females can produce THC). Also not all seeds will germinate, so there's a slim chance that one seed will do the deed.
  3. WAIT you were only ten when you bought weed off them? woah
  4. ha and are you going to grow your own JUST becaues you dont have a connect? you are hilarious man..
  5. What's wrong with that? Growing your own is a good solution to most of the problems caused by the black market.

    But to the OP, just save that seed in a dry, cool, dark place, while you learn how to grow. GC has a lot of info, start looking around.
  6. weres it say that?
  7. Didn't know that. Okay well i found a second seed in the corner of the plastic bag. Im going plant them and hope for the best. thanks :smoking:
  8. Make sure you germinate before you plant them.
  9. Thanks for the info. Hope my seeds grow.
  10. This^

    take a wet paper towel and fold it over the seeds, put them in a ziplock black and keep in a cool dry place. 2-5 days later (if there good seeds) they will sprout, which is when u plant them.

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