Help need honest opinion, weed do good things for me but can it affect my sober state of mind?

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    I'm smoking weed once a week more or less. Sometimes I don't smoke for a month or two it's not a problem for me. But I have this other pattern/routine going on for a long time, would love to hear your opinion:
    When I don't smoke and live my daily life I can't deal with my responsibilities. I'm always worried about the shit I must do, studies, deadlines, jobs  i need to do in order to move forward and simply  don't do it. If after 3 hours of preparation in youtube and facebook i'm finally doing it, i can't control my attention it runs like crazy, i got frustrated very easily I jump from one thing to another. I just feel like i'm not controlling anything in my life and just flowing on the surface, not going any deeper. I know that I need to change something in me, move my ass, but i'm simply ending just wandering around. I feel like I'm living in this shell, i'm always stressed about that. I really suck at learning new things. The conentration/focus issue is eating me and i'm on this rollecoster of emotions. Everything is great and it grudually goes lower until i'm sucked out. 
    Also when i'm being with people, it's all good I have plenty of friends but I often feel disconnected and it's rare that I connect with them in a level i want, always other shit runs trough my mind.  I should really pay attention to what they are saying and it just doesn't strike me to the core. If i have a situation where I need to pick one thing out of few, i'm lost i don't know which I prefer. 
    Someone would say it's normal struggle for average person. But here is the thing. If i only smoke a little weed. I know where i'm in my life. It makes me sharp as I suppose to be. I can weight my thoughts, I can plan things, I can tell for myself what I actually like and what I don't like. I can tell my self to stop  automatic mechanism. I can do one thing at the time and fully immerse into it. I start knowing how to make my life better, suddenly i realize that I was an asshole for one or another person and even didn't knew it. I can immediately do my work without any preparation. I can connect with people and I can tell things that I really mean without any problem. It feels like the barrier is gone and i'm fresh. I want to be like this in my sober state!
     It's great, I just repeat to myself don't forget this mindstate YOU MUST REMEMBER IT! but  after day or two, I get back at the same pattern. I'll try to do all the shit i suppose to do and go to sleep telling myself that next day ill do it. 
     I have this theory that smoking weed in the first place is the cause of this problem. That after the weed wears off, I lack somekind of chemicals, brain stops making them naturally and it makes me sketchy. I want to be real me.  but I hate the fact and feel bad that it's a drug that is kicking my ass and is helping me to do things in life, not me. 
    What do you people think about all this mumble? I
    What you people think, should I stop smoking? Do you think that smoking can affect sober state of mind?

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  2. I don't believe it is affecting your sober state of mind the way you might think. When I first started smoking I felt the exact same way that you do. I wanted to connect with people in conversation and I wanted do the shit I wanted and needed to do. I noticed that I could do these things high but not sober. I took it as a learning thing. I just reminded myself that if i could be comfortable doing those things high, I can be comfortable doing them sober. Now I've learned how to somewhat sort through my thoughts whilst sober (which is admittedly rare) by just having a chill state of mind. It's done great things for me and my shyness with talking and meeting people. I don't think you should worry. You said that you think weed has caused the problem itself. Were you like this before you started smoking? And honestly I don't think it would be necessarily bad if you just couldn't find a way to do those things sober. Some people just need drugs. People take them for anxiety and ADHD and shit like that and that's just what works for them. If weed works for you, don't feel worried. Unless you just aren't comfortable or just simply aren't in a position where you can be high all the time.
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  3.  Before I was smoking I definitely wasn't perfect but I could find at least one activity where I could focus and immerse as deep as I could. 
    But I really like your point of view,food for my thought! thank you.
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  4. Im so like this. I just do a much better job at expressing myself when high. I dont talk much when sober and my thoughts are very surface level and short. Its hard to connect with people that way, or even connect with myself. Ive always kinda been this way but it wasnt until i started smoking that i realized that and decided i rather not be that way. I wouldnt mind continuing to smoke to deal with it but im a cj major so i have to stop and soon for that matter. Unfortunately, Im still not sure what the course of action should be here, but i just thought id share.

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  5. I know if I smoke heavily, like a quarter in a few days, my memory becomes pretty shot and those days turn into a haze
    Don't look on yahoo for advice. Most people on there are ignorant and believe in all the government propaganda. Yes, weed can cause mental illnesses, but not like the way we were told by our parents and school teachers. Cannabis will bring out a mental illness like paranoia or schizophrenia ONLY IF you were going to get it later on in life anyway, due to hereditary reasons. This usually only happens after long term heavy use. 
    From what I can tell, enjoy smoking cannabis because of its effects, and that's not a reason to stop. It's not like you're smoking 5g a day like an old dealer of mine was saying at a party last week. He was powering through 18-20 joints PER DAY and said he felt mentally stupid and couldn't do simple tasks. So now he has stopped completely.
    I have another friend who has stopped because he had severe paranoia brought out because of his daily smoking. He literally won't eat food made by someone else, smoke anyone else's cigarettes, drink a drink made by someone else. If you are sitting with him and he looks away from his roll up or food etc, he will just apologize and through it in the bin and get more food/ start rolling again. He can't even trust his girlfriend and best friend. 
    If you abuse the drug, it will abuse you
  7. The only thing i've noticed that's bad from smoking daily is that my memory gets pretty bad, but my memory was already bad before i started smoking so i think the weed has a negative effect on that. Other than this, i haven't noticed really any bad side effects on my sober state of mind. 
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    I have stopped smoking since this post. It's been almost two months. I don't give a fuck. i dont know if something changed,im just living my life.  Only thing I can say after this period of time: remember kids, it's stupid and childish thing to blame weed or any other thing for your own stupidness! :)

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