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  1. Hey everyone! I bought this OG Kush clone in Clearlake CA about 3 months ago maybe 4 even! Was struggling with heavy drinking 2 months ago, and before of course, so my memory is very faded. Now my life is piecing together for those who were wondering, anyways now I'm a bit panicy because this is my first plant and I keep getting mixed advice on harvesting signs! These are some of the tips I've received:
    -wait for darkened trichomes
    -wait for brown hairs
    My plant was growing for a long period without enough root space then I moved it to a huge pot and now there's fresh stock and leaves growing off my buds and the buds already have brown hairs and some darker trichomes so therefor I'm a bit stuck on what to do :(! Here are some pictures of the buds! Thanks for your time everyone.
    Hope these shots are helpful! THANKS FOR YOUR TIME :)!

  2. Is that brown looking bud moist or dry dude
  3. Looks like more brown bud then brown hairs.
  4. One tip for your next grow is to make sure you dust your self down before going in your grow space, you can see hairs and fluff on most of them pics,
    My concern is all the brown bud you have, I would be checking to see if that is Rot, squeeze the brown bits to see if it just turns to dust if it does I would chop that down now and remove all the brown shit,

    Why do we call it the third eye? When really it could be the first
  5. The plant looks really old, I know you said your memory is shit but how long have they been on 12/12 assuming there indoor?

    Why do we call it the third eye? When really it could be the first
  6. You had an issue with heavy drinking. Assuming you stoppped now? Sorry if that is too personal, but I am about over a month clean and only smoking at this point. It really helps.

    They look ready if not almost ready!
  7. I would not smoke that.
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    Yeah there is a very good chance it even exceeded 4 months. I have a polyester net over it to help fight dust, so you guys all think its done and I should chop it down?

    Or over done and gone to shit?
    Thanks so much for the help!
    @Darkly yeah I quit then, and weed has been a huge part of my recovery.
  9. @Gorilla I'm realllllllly newbie what do you mean by the brown being Rot and can you go more into how you test it.
  10. Usually it would be gooey inside the buds or have like cob webs, you can tell because the sugar leaves amongst the buds will go brown or grey and you can follow them into the bud and find the grey death haha, but like I say that plant looks old to me,
    Pinch the brown bits and if they turn to dust or bitty and come away easily it could be rot or just old and dead,
    If it does, carefully cut the brown away without disturbing it much because some mould is airborne and get rid of it, then think about harvesting,
    Or better yet can we get some more pics at different angles?

    Why do we call it the third eye? When really it could be the first
  11. Where's all the fan leaves?

    Why do we call it the third eye? When really it could be the first
  12. Yeah I need more angel shots I`ll get those tomorrow evening if you don't mind I`d appreciate if you'd examine them then :) Thanks for your replies and the fan is outside the polyester net but it is a dust muncher I should wash it and vacuum the area behind it foresure. I have 2 younger plants near my OG plant, are they in any danger being near it?
  13. There are brown leaves, I thought I was supposed to let the dead bud leaves fall off and not bother pluking them? Am I wrong? Again I keep getting mixed advice on it, it's so hard finding helpful trimming/harvesting guides x_x
  14. In the mean time, until I can get more photos tomorrow evening, I have a photo I took yesterday which isn't very focused but shows most the plant. -There is a small plant behind the plant, and a few of the small water leaves are in the shot-
    Your light schedule got screwed up.  Do you have a reliable timer, and absolutely no light leaks?  The single blade strangely shaped leaves and the over foxtailing are signs of this.
    The plant looks like it went into flowering, then revegged for a bit and back into flowering.  The dead brown stuff is from the first flowering.  Check for any dark period interruptions.  
  16. Rule I work by...this is purely because of what I've been shown in use. If ALL the trichromes cloud before half the hairs are changing color, harvest. Otherwise, harvest when trichromes MOSTLY become cloudy, and at least half the hairs are colored.

    I get good results, both in flavor and potency by this pattern.

    No science or numbers to back this, just what I've been taught, and do, with positive results.
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    Here's more pictures and back at your guy's feedback, I definitely am buying timers! I've been doing it manually and that was a big mistake. Any final feedback on if this gal is worth anymore effort would be much appreciated.
  18. I say chop them bottom buds and leave the rest to see if it flowers

    Why do we call it the third eye? When really it could be the first
  19. Sorry mate just saw your pm haha I don't check them much,
    I mean literally strip the bottom part of the plant of bud, and keep the rest of the plant on 12/12 to see if it flowers at the top, I'm just interested as I have not seen a plant like yours, but of course If you have more seeds to crack, pop away

    Why do we call it the third eye? When really it could be the first
  20. Chop it and make hash. I wouldnt risk smoking it, there's a Lotta seeds/male flowers it looks like, and possibly mold or rot where its all brown.

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