Help! Need advice on lighting.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by lessthan3, Sep 29, 2009.

  1. my plants are about 3 - 4" tall, with only the first two set of leaves, and they're very small. We're using a 18" florescent tube bulb, color temp: 4200k, CRI: 60. The light is about.. a foot above the tops of the cups, and we've had it this way for a week or two.

    Please help, I'm not sure what I'm doing here....
  2. How many plants do you have? That doesn't seem like nearly enough light. You should have a Metal Halide or HPS (High Pressure Sodium) anyway. There are some decent CFL grow bulbs, like the ones that came with my AeroGarden, but they're not good enough to bud and you'll have to get a separate light for that so you should just start out with an HPS or MH in the first place.
  3. hey, how many watts is the light? how many seedling do u have? it might be enough for few weeks but you will need more light can u give more info on your grow it sounds like they could be stretching for light, u should be able to have that light lower, pics would also help?

    ps its a good idea to read all the stickys in the absolute beginers section to educate yourself thats a great place to start
  4. we have 4... found 8 seeds in one bag. only 4 germanated, rest died off. I was in hort. classes for 3 years and I have friends who grow. but they use natrual light rather than artificial.
  5. A floro tube doesn't need to be that far away... they lose a lot of lumens at that distance. 2-4 inches is better.

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