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help naming my new piece

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by A87, May 12, 2011.

  1. hey guys, i got this bong at a local headshop for $20 a couple weeks ago and am trying to come up with a cool name for it. i'm really bad at this kinda thing so...any ideas?? something funny, with a reference to weed or bongs. or whatever

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  2. Chode :p

    Nah but seriously, pieces are best named on the spot when it comes to you. You can't force it, otherwise it doesn't work as well. One might even say you'd have better vibes if you just let it flow, but that person might be a hippie....

    I'm a hippie. That's just my advice though, it's your piece :D Good luck finding a name!
  3. cktony is right but melvin is super badass

  4. HAHAHAHHAHAHA dude the first thing that came to mind was chode too :D
    but yeah, i would name it eye in the sky, i dont know why. that rhymed, im cool.
  5. you read a lot of strange material.
  6. i totally just went with what instantly popped into my head with my bong it is clear with blue accents and it instantly reminded me of alice in wonderland so i named it alice!! just look at it with a blank mind and the first thing that comes into mind name it that :D
  7. this is what i was thinking? Korean composition of what? maybe I'll never know haha. Does it NEED a name? just call it "the bong"

    edit- guidelines on euthanasia?
  8. My bong is named Ricardo, that's because my friends dad is named bong in philipino and Ricardo is his English name. My recommendation is to smoke out of it and see what goes through your mind
  9. thats a pretty sick bong op
  10. Stubs .

    Nice Bong man, how is it so far?
  11. To me, it looks like a leg with a hoof. But i agree with the others, you should wait till something pops into your head. Thats how my steamroller became "The Yellow Submarine" loll :smoke:
  12. I would name it...

  13. Looks like a horse leg, name it seabiscut
  14. The Legendary ones name themselves! It'll come to you man. Just give it time lol
  15. Tokey or Hashy

  16. hahaha i guess it looks weird out of context. i study korean language in my spare time (about to go on my 3rd trip there), and i work in a biology lab that has a department doing research on animals, so those were guidelines on how to kill him them humanely lol.

    anyways thanks for the compliments guys! the bong has been a lot of fun so far :D

    i'll keep using it and see what comes to me.

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