Help nameing a sandwhich, seriously

Discussion in 'General' started by YipKong, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. Alright my work is having a contest and its employees only and the prizes are pretty damn good... Anyways if anyone can help me get a name that gets chosen, i would gladly give them like $100 or so, though contest doesn't end till Sept 6th so we wouldn't know for some time...

    Anyways the sandwhich is,

    Sausage wrapped in French Toast served with Maple Syrup

    If possible something they would like id imagine would have a Sch, Sh or something along those lines since the companies name is Sheetz. They already have things like a Schmuffin, Schmiscuit and stuff like that. It has to be a catchy name that can be marketed thats the key.
    Anyways if anything comes to your mind in the next month let me know, ive begun my thinking.
  2. How about... The "Only in America"?
  3. Ahhh the sandwich...
  4. schandwich
  5. schwaggle :rolleyes:
  6. The greasy french cock

    Also, that doesn't sound like it qualifies to be considered a sandwich.
  7. [quote name='DirtyPete']The greasy french cock
    that cracked me up :hello:
  8. I'll try it when it comes out. I love food from Sheetz.

  9. Seconded. this name wins!
  10. The Schlong
  11. French Toastage.
  12. Chewy sticky sausage.
  13. The Chuck Norris
  14. More of a "roll" or "wrap" or "in a blanket"
  15. teh cakeouge.
  16. well with pancakes its called pigs in a blanket? so..
    id say its the same thing
  17. Intestins de porc dans une couverture
  18. The Cheekstuffer
  19. The " Schoastaple"!!:hello:
  20. "The sausage wrapped in a french toast with maple syrup"



    The "Sweeaftawomas"

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