Help Name My Piece?(:

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  1. Hello, Im new to the forums here, daily smoker. Had this pipe for about 3 months now, she hits like a truck, only problem is, I havent been able to give it a name yet, so thats where you guys come in:)
    silver lines on base are the kind that changed colors from use and I'd like the name to resemble the design at the bowl head thats blue,and I'd prefer something thats not an actual persons name, lets see what you guys got :D

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    Peace Pipe. Welcome to the City.
  3. That's a big ass bowl! How about "dat ass?"

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  4. haha idk about dat ass, Everytime I take it somewhere everyones like omg that things beautiful, I just cant find a suiting name for it xD
  5. thank you, and do you mean name it Peace Pipe? 
  6. You could simply be like "oh, you like 'dat ass don't you!" lol
    I'd personally call dat shit Mystik. I don't know why.
  7. Honestly that sounds like a perfect name. I needed something not like human, and to keep with the theme of the bowl and idk, I like Mystik alot lol
    Thanks :) I had a feeling you'd like it! I have a vibrant orange/redish inside-out glass spoon and I named it Molly. It got its name from me randomly thinking of Molly and laughing about it while being on another planet. 
    Ahhh I love using my magic flight launch box :p I'm puffing on it now.
  9. hahaha nice, my last piece before she broke was named hades, it was an all black spoon with blue streaks around it.
    Im about to pack one right now but im in the process of making my own bong so im gunna see how it turns out :D
  10. I was going to make a bong out of an Ihop water pitcher that my friend stole.. It's pretty damn big, with a big opening for your face lol. It would just be a simple beaker style bong. Instead, I bought this for 75 dollars:
  11. omg nice haha 
  12. The smokey blue makes me think Hades.
  13. Yes sir.
    my last pipe I had (also my first) was named Hades and it broke so that names off the list for sentimental "first pipe" reasons:)
    I like the name itself, but I dont think it would be as represented in this bowl, it doesnt have a real "peace" kinda look to it idk xD
  15. How about Cerberus maybe? Hade's 3 headed dog. Then you'll kinda stick to the same theme.
  16. Cloud or Whisper maybe Silver Whisper.
  17. Winston
  18. photo.JPG
    Can you help me name mine?

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