Help!! my White Widow Clone is having a bad day.

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by iron_lung, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. My beautiful white widow clone is in day 33 of flowering. She unfortunatly has taken a fall somehow. For Nutes, im using hardly any (the smallest pinch ever) of (I think its shultz but im not sure) 10-52-10. The PH is around 5.5-5.8. Please help me save her!!!!

  2. Yo man. Are you growing hydro? I can't tell from the pictures. The PH you listed is for hydro. It looks to me like you have a bad magnesium deficiency. A couple of doses of Epsom salt will clear it right up.
  3. Ya its a bubble bucket. Ill try a dash of epsom. My pictures might not show it but there are fan leaves dying and there is a lot of yellowing in the bottom fan leaves.
  4. Yeah. Go with some Epsom. You can foliar feed (spray on leaves) too. You might want to give full strength nutes with your 10-52-10 as well if you know what full strength measures out to be. Spray at the end of the lighting cycle or at night. Lights can sometimes burn wet leaves. Then keep us updated. Epsom should work quickly.

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