Help! My stems are long and weak and now my plant is falling over!

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  1. Hey grass city. This is my first post. Sorry if its in the wrong section but I've got an issue on my hands.

    About a week ago I was gifted these two mother plants. A girl scout cookie and an og bubba. They were grown indoors. But I thought since I don't have a hydro set up I could just buy some good soil and place them in pots.

    Forward 2 days later. The bubba is loving the natural sunlight and seemed to brush off the light transfer pretty good. But my cookies plant went into light shock. Then it started to sprinkle on and off for 2 days. This morning I go outside and I see the stems on my plant wide open and just falling over.

    I'll provide pictures once I figure how to work this website out. Thanks! One love ✌

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  2. Low light and a lack of air movement will produce long weak stems like that.. I'd get a small tomato cage and set it over it.. I routinely use them at setout..
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