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    this is the 3rd or 4th week of vegetative under a sog, im using fox farm org. soil and their starter mix (perlite, castings etc)

    1000w hps
    1 gallon pots

    ive been watering daily because the temperature of my environment is pretty high and the soil dries quickly. (87-90 deg)

    about 3 days ago i gave them the first dosage of humbolt county organic grow formula (full dosage as they are pretty big). the next day i noticed some leaves curling under, and some drooping

    this morning i woke up to this. on some of the leaves there are some light green discolorations. theres yellow on bottom leaves but i believe that is just from lack of light to those specific leaves

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  2. looks like too much water man. Are you sure the soil is drying on a daily basis?

    edit: the yellow at the bottom could be the beginning of N def which i find really common in sour Diesel.
  3. ^^^^

    what he said

    but it could also possibly be under watering

    best way is to not water for a while, if it doesn't perk up then its under watering

    this is delecate tho, if its over watering and you water now it could kill off alot of the leaves, this happened to me with my first grow

    underwatering is not as bad as the leaves will perk up straight after a watering

    but make sure you know which one it is for sure before deciding to take action
  4. the only reason i say overwatering is because he's watering everyday.

    this is probably easier said than done (till you get used to it) but.. lift the pot and se how heavy it is, and that should tell you. Also those $5.00 home depot moisture meters do work really well.
  5. yea yea i get ya, no worries

    only reason i said under watering was cos the soil looked dry in the pic

  6. thanks for the replies, i guess im going to just let them dry out. how long do you estimate it will take to see some improvements?
  7. if its over watering it should improve within 1-3 days of being left to dry

    if it doesn't by then i would water

    gd luck with the rest of it man

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