Help My seedlings dieing.

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  1. Greetings,

    I started 2 NL babes on the 12th of Aug. By the 14th both had sprouted the soil. Since then one plant looks like its dieing im unsure why. I dont give nutes and i use tap water first 2 days, distilled after that. One looks about dead the other is starting to turn on its first set of leaves.
    Please help....
    Some specs i have a 45wled growlight about 24-30 in away from them. 75-78temp No nutes and soil is fox farm. Alpha is the one that looks dead and Alf is the one with spots.

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  2. Also the first two pics are from day 5ish the last 2 are from day 10
  3. Why didn't you start them using the entire cup instead of only the bottom inch?
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  4. Rookie mistake tbh i actually knocked the cups over after i had put the seeds and soil in. Instinct like a DA i just pushed the soil back in. Then realized the seeds might be too deep and basically it was all one big messup and this was the end result.
  5. PH obviously is 101 here to check but over watering is 2. After that , then things could get very interesting. But also remember something called vigor. Im dealing with the same thing now (got alot germinating right now) and I see a couple so far that just dont look right or very slow. Out they go. Unless I paid money for em. With regards to Germination, I like to get a good rhythm down before I germinate my "Target" Seeds. Im actually soaking my Green Crack Fems (i bought from Facebook group cannabis seeds worldwide) and reg Pineapple Express, and Blue Dream, Larry OG, & Sour Diesel OG.

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  6. That's what caused the browning in the dead leaf? I haven't grown in soil yet only Coco and DWC

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  8. I d turn on a fan near them to help dry the soil out quicker,the yellow ones a lost cause but you should be able to save the other 3,I had a similar problem and I dryed out the soil and started to mist them lightly and they came back to health.
  9. I burnt the shit outta my mine dumb mistake with nutes and over watering ,They may be stunted for a week or 2 but you should be able to save them using water and some air circulation,I d also cut the cup there in because its gonna make it harder working with it not to mention shade and other problems,always fill the cup to atleast a half inch from the top.Make sure you have holes in the bottom or they ll drowned..Did u put holes in the bottom so they drain???Anyway ,that s what worked for mine,My Incredible Bulk seedling looked like the 1st pic of the seedling you have with out the small fan leaves ,I thought it was a lost cause but seeing that it was my only seed of the strain ,I didn t give up on it and glad I didn t it s finally doing great.
  10. Looks like over watering. How often are you watering? Soil looks soaked. The third seedling may be dead sorry dude.
  11. Its only two the first and third are the same 5 days apart 2 and 4 same. So its over watering? I watered the two with enough to go out the drain holes once a day. It was never more than half a water bottle per cup. i have a big fan in there but def will turn it on higher.
  12. I do have drain holes and the light is directly over them as well.
  13. I added a picture of the set up

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  14. how much do you water and ,whats the temp and humidity in the tent??Your using nutes??If so how much to a gallon
  15. No nutes, once a day, temp between 73-78 idk humidity but the room stays open.
  16. Ok ,first this I d do is cut the extra piece of the cup off,it s a shield against the air and it will just hurt you in the long run, I d have it about a cm from the soil,your plants aren t gonna get any air with plant being in the cup so deep ,I wouldn t water them everyday because under LED s the don t dry out the soil fast enough and the plant will begin to get root rot,I think if you let them dry out about 80 % dry ,it will take a couple days .I d definitly would let the fan lightly blow over them this will help drying the soil and make the seedling stronger and when you start to water them again just give them a watering around the edge of the cup next few waterings and you ll be fine ,I try doing my seedlings that way so the roots expand quicker and grow way faster .I d definitely just fill the whole cup with soil next time or use smaller containers it makes it alot easier to work with and transplant only once.I hope this helps you ,if you need any info send me a PM and I can explain it better or show u pics of how I do mine .
  17. Most definitely ill try and lower the cup some more abd it's Tuesday so i wont water unitl Friday?
  18. Cool let me no how it works out ,if u notice it dry out before friday just give it a little water ,I hope you save them and if theres anything else u need def PM me..
  19. Yes, once a day is too much, really want them to dry out, let the roots stretch. I'd repot into an actual pot, proper drain holes, add a bunch of perlite, water less. Should be able to bring them back.
  20. Did the ph test my distilled water is about 7.7 my soil was 7.3. Tap water was 7.1-7.2. The height my plants are only get 200 lumes so imma raise em up So now they she get 700. Soild measured at moist for soil more towards moist so ill check agian in the morning.

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