help my seedling!

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  1. I started an inside grow about a week ago
    This will be my second attempt at growing due to my first outdoor grow not going so smooth
    I have 5 plants all from bagseed
    Im using mg organic soil (know that most people arent a big fan but its the best i can get in my town)
    I have (4) 23wt cfls about 3in. away from the plants and 2 fans, one blowing on the plants 24/7 and the other blowing straight up and out of my cardboard box
    Now my cardboard box is temporary until my plants get a little bigger
    Iv had all my plants on 24/7 and plan to keep it that way until flowering time
    now heres where my problem comes in
    All my seedlings were doing good but in the last 24hrs one of the five changed dramatically
    Now between the 24hr period I did water them, but i know i didnt over water them and the rest of the plants are still doing great
    The only thing i can think of that could have changed it this much, is the ph of the water
    Now i have prepared a teaspoon of lemon juice diluted in a gallon of water to bring down the ph but im just waiting to see if anyone else has any input as to what my problem could be?
    and do you think my seedling will live through this rough time:confused:
    Irony of it is, it was my favorite plant out of the five:mad:
    please help guys

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  2. Ooo yes, she does look sad. :(

    My guess would have to be either PH issues or nute burn. Does that soil have slow release ferts in it?

    Do you know what your PH is?
  3. I just don't think it is pH at this point.. I think that you may have had a chemical burn. or over fert.. If you are using any nutrients at this point then don't they are in the soil... It isn't over watered just... Some plants especially from bag seed are not as vigorous or homogenized as ordered seeds are.. When you do order I recomend and the Nirvana strains are cheap as hell and smoke better than the club weed.
  4. Yes the soil does have time release ferts up to 2 months
    Its the only soil in my town that i can get ahold of thats organic basically
    so im doing the best with what i got, but i also have another type of organic soil but its really barky? and im not too sure thats good for mary jane
    So ive just resorted to the mg
    What i dont understand is why all my other plants are doing fine and why this one changed so drastically..?
    Any suggestions on what i could do to help this one out
    As to taking it out of the light to give it a rest or flush it with the lemon water or whatever
    I dont have a ph tester yet but i figured it would be high rather than low and i dont really have much else to lose with this one
    Any help at all on this would be greatly appreciated so i can prevent future problems similar to this:(
  5. First of all, a PH tester is absolutely crucial. You can buy a drop tester at home depot for 2$. Get one.

    Looks like PH problems, not nute burn, not a deficiency, not overwatering. Even if this plant survives this, it will most likely grow very slowly for the rest of it's life. I'd can it.

    I understand that if you're not in a metro area, you can't just replace it with a clone, so it sucks to let go of a plant. I'd suggest using different techniques to maximize the yield of the remaining plants, to make up for the loss.

    Top them early, use the FIM technique, veg them for as long as you think you can, maybe even do some super cropping. There's also the scrog.
  6. Thanks a ton for your suggestions
    Ive canned the plant and already have another favorite lady:rolleyes:

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