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help my purp turn purple

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by HumboldtLocals, Apr 19, 2008.

  1. Is there a way to make the room cold enough to turn my grandaddy purp purple with out an expensive air conditioner?is there any techniques? :hippie:
  2. If you wanna seriously degrade the quality of the herb... If its GDP it should turn purple naturally, it might not be all purple but if you stress it to make it purple, prepare for a shitty smoke.
  3. i know you can buy some type of nute that will turn any plant purple without affecting the buds, like pure purple. steams and all.
  4. YOU MENTIONED AC??????????...So I am Confused....all I know is that nearly all weed turns purple under Very Cold Climates (Usually 50 degrees or lower in darkness????)
  5. need cool temps, what's the big deal making it purple anyway ?

  6. i mean i need to smoke the green but a lil purp here and there wont hurt
    and besides it will make a shitty smoke
  7. i heard about this it is supposed to increase potency and turn bud purple

    purple maxx search it on ebay

    i never used
  8. Thank you all for replying. They're turning purple themselves. This is a truly wonderful smoke. We have two weeks to go. Check out some of our videos on youtube. type in psychedelic buds.
  9. if done correctly dropping the temps will not decrease the quality of the bud and it will turn the buds nice and purple :D... nice to kno someone else is from the 707
  10. If your temps are at 70 to 75 degrees your GDP will turn purple as it matures mostly in the last 2 weeks.
  11. For all that want to know, I did a little research about Purple Maxx and its pretty much snake oil. Eel River xxxxxx (cannot remember the rest of their name) started marketing the product and it is now being distributed by Humbolt County's Own.
    They explicitly state that it will not turn all plants purple! It was meant to be a "stacking" product that would encourage thicker colas with more bud sites but happened to turn the plants of a few testers purple (as per their website). They do not make any guarantees about the ability of the product to actually turn buds purple - they are just trying to make a buck by cashing in on the purple craze.
    Its not so expensive as to be cost prohibitive from a testing stand point but I have decided that its not really worth the trouble. I use organic nutes and lots of molasses...if the plant wants to purp the fuck out: Great! If not: Great!
    If you guys really want to make a plant purple you need to experiment with using blue food coloring in your water or just wicking it directly into the plant. In my last grow I tried wicking black food coloring into a tiny notch I cut in the stem of one branch one a single plant and that entire branch/budsite turned a super dark greenish/black. I recommend using blue food coloring and using a fairly diluted solution of coloring and water if you really want color - but I don't recommend it. I can't even give away the weed that I colored and in all honesty I wouldn't because I don't know what that would do to a person.
    My next round of experimentation will be wicking flavorings into a branch to see what kind of effect it has on the smoke. I think a small hint of vanilla, blueberry, or bananas could be quite nice. Maybe even some peach...hmmmmmmmm
  12. You might want to research that a little bit bro, could be dangerous...

    And as far as that purple maxx stuff, thats just throwing mad chemicals in your plants and to me that kills the beauty. Purp is supposed to be beautiful because its natural not because you made it that way...

    But does anyone know of a strain that just about every pheno turns heavy purp? Ive been searching for months and ive found Da purps, Ametheyst bud by Soma, and there was a few by Dutch passion like Purple 1 and Flo etc, etc...

    If anyone has tried any of these strains or has any suggestions please let me know!

    Thanks and peace:wave:
  13. 707 you say:confused: watsup man, im from 707 also, niice shit
  14. lethal purp, nice little strain i stumbled apon Marijuana Strain Library - Lethal Purple Marijuana Strain

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