HELP my pot plant is almost dead

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  1. my pot palnt was growing good and i watered it everyother day well one day i forgot to water it so when i came back to water it is was brown and pretty much dead all the leaves were wilted brown and crispy i watered it and came back to day and same thing brown wilted and crunchy is there anything i can do or is it a lost cause it is just a baby i planted it as a seed about a month and a half ago
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    How old are they...What temps are you having...What kind of soil...?...Any Pic's...
  3. Are you using any nutrients ?
  4. well it has been 2 months and i found the seed was just a weak one i used the same soil on anoter one and it thrived
  5. Post some pictures PLEASE!

    Cannabis doesn't just die from missing a day or two of watering. In fact, letting it dry out then watering it will show some amazing growth spurts. When is the last time you fertilized it - how much did you use - and what brand?

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