Help my plants leaves are all dropping

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  1. my plant is fucked up it looks lifeless, but the leaves are still green and the leaves are just hanging and the buds are not straight up anymore. there is an aroma that the leaves give off in the air. I water it once daily, how can i bring it back to life for sure. i am giveing it light 14 hours a day and it is in soil indoor. please help, i need advice for success

    private message me anything get a hold of me. i want my bud please help
  2. stop watering it everyday
  3. wait until your container is dry and your plant is begging for water before giving it a good, deep soaking. after a while, you'll get the hang of knowing when to water by how heavy the container feels.
  4. why 14 hours a day? if its indoors then you can control the enviroment so you shouldnt have a skew light shedule like that. you say "buds" is your plant actually in flower? if far along is she? leaves usually start drooping around week 6 or 7 depending on strain, due to the plant using all available nutrient sources to promote bud growth. whatever the situation is, i would go with the advice already given and stop watering every day. trust me i made this mistake and paid the price in mould. (moulded bud aint funny :( )
    and the plant only looks "lifeless in your opinion maybe try posting some pics so we can diagnose the problem (if any) with alot more efficiency?
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  5. there is bud coming off the plant. i took some pictures and heard it was heat exuastion what would that look like. i got new pics cause i got know camera

    from tony
  6. You may be watering too much. This will drown the plant. The roots need oxygen and too much water will block the O2. Wait a couple days until it dries a bit, then use some H2O2 on them to restore the oxygen back to the roots. Then only water when the soil is very dry. What is the temp in the grow room?

    peace and good luck

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