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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by jusstin, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. my plant is turning yellow and brown all the leafs are drooping but it still seems to be growing its been like this for 2weeks and there are little buds but the plant doesnt look good plzz help and tell me whats rong
  2. I hope it dies, serves you right.
  3. jusstin aka "bitch ass ripper"

    i just read your other post and will now withdraw my advice above due to the fact your a THIEF. YOUR TYPE IS NOT TOLERATED HERE ~ I HOPE YOU GET CAUGHT, SENT TO JAIL & BUTT RAPED BY A LARGE INMATE ~

    What the fuck does it matter if your 18 and "cant afford" weed. remember KARMA's A BITCH.
  4. You suck :mad: and will soon have big problems.
  5. get some lube...cus the karma train is coming
  6. Yeah..... what everyone else said!
    The reason they are dying is cause they aren't yours!:mad: If you want them to grow. Put em back where you found them,with a note that says your sorry. Then YOURE plants might grow,that's how it works.
  7. yea there not growin cuz there not your put em back.. i hope the owner puts you under his plot n maybe he will get a yeild next season:hello::hello::hello::hello:...
  8. yeah and im gunna throw in a " i hope you die" as well. bitch ass rippers are cowards and thats how i see you, a nutless coward. but other than that your plant is dying because it doesnt get enough gasoline. feed it lots of gasoline and it will do much better!
  9. Yeah... come over here and get you a cockmeat sandwich boy!!!!!
  10. haha god is seriously going to do work on this kids life haha. i hope he gets runover, stabbed shot and has violent diahrea for days on end until he gets aids from a jamaican prostitute and gradually overcomes AIDS to the point where he finally has hope that his life is back to normal and then gets the ebola virus while on a trip to Africa. the walls of his organs begin to deteriorate slowly and his body bleeds out soupy intestine and feces for days until he finally collapses and rests in hell for all eternity. He is then butt raped by Adolf Hitler 6 times per day in between his chinese water torture. anyone else have a scenerio they would like to happen to this persons life?

  11. I just think he wont get any weed. :p
  12. cmon anyone else have a horrifying death scenario jusstin should have?

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