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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by TheHempMan, Jun 10, 2003.

  1. my plant was out side on my balcony when it was born and it got prety bi maybe a foot.Then my mom told me to put it in the house so know one could see it.But i didnt have any lights or anything so i got a reptile light we used for my lizard it cept the plant alive but it didnt grow any bigger so i hid it my back yard to get a little sun light and the bottom leaves all died so i brang it back in my house but now it looks like a palm tree. so my question is should i keep it out side or in and will it be ok?
  2. Hey,

    Realy you should get this plant to the some point where it gets direct sunlight at least six hours a day. Otherwise just forget it. The light you used for your lizard is no good.

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  3. so should i put it back on the balcony were it was when it sprouted?
  4. If the bottom pleaves are dying its prob roodtbound get a bigger pot and more soil. Then put it back outside in an area that gets at least 4 hours of direct ligh per day.
  5. alright thanx peps
  6. the roots arent cramped its in a 5 gal pot and the plant is only a foot tall. so wat im ascking is it is still alive but the bottom leaves died but the top is good but im wondering if i put it out side will it still have its flowering season
  7. yes after the equanox comes it will begin to flower.
  8. when exactly ,or approximately, is the equanox i cant seem to figure out when 12/12 comes along
  9. when the sun starts to get less and less through summer

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