hELP, MY PLANT LEAF has holes.

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    I've upoaded two Pictures. I do not know what is going on, out of the 15 plants that I have the one that is known for being the best grower that I call fat lady has a leaf that has holes on her, I have been flowering them all about a little over a month, and so far fat lady has been the only known one to grow as good and as fast, as healthy and with out any leaves falling off.
    That is until I started spraying collidal silver on the bottom part of her, I saw one leaf for the first time since I planted her fallen laying on the surface of the coco.
    But the part of the plant that has the hole is on a leaf that is in the middle now it is possible that collidal silver did this I guess but I do not know for sure.
    Can anyone please look at the pictures and confirm, thank you. And it gives me a chance to like a post for helping.
    THANK YOU...


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  2. Sure does looks like chew marks to me. :confused:
  3. What reflective material do u use aswell do you foliar feed?

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  4. Never worked with that silver spray myself, but that looks like a pest problem.

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  6. Magnesium dif will cause holes also
  7. Too much notes and too much heat.Top of your plant looks cooked
  8. She is hot in more than one way and not in any good way.  Lower your temps NOW and give her some PH water for like two weeks and hope she has the will to live.  Looks pretty toasty.

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