Help! My plant has some white spots on it!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by StratocasterPastor, May 23, 2020.

  1. I asked around on reddit but couldn't find a solid answer. Some said water damage and other said WPM. I tried wiping it off with a mixture of milk and water but theres still a bit left. Any advice or guidance is much appreciated

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  2. Need a better pic.

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  3. It's a blueberry auto flower which I've had for about 2 weeks or so. Keeping it in a spacebucket with 2 bulbs and one exhaust fan. I've been giving it 18 hours of light and putting it outside when its sunny out. 1590198892843.jpg 1590198920088.jpg 1590199036178.jpg

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  4. to me the light color is under watering I would fill the pot full saturation instead of small light waterings, the white looks like light burn? what distance and light is used

    also could be heat related putting indoor plants outside then back indoors is never a good idea, in my opinion that's not saying much lol but nothing likes to be in a nice environment then thrown out into the hot dry sun you can also bring bugs back in the soil
  5. Several marijuana gardeners would often ask if it is safe for the weed plants to be moved from an indoor garden going outside for light. Yes, it is safe as long as you do the transferring correctly without hurting the marijuana plants. Growing weed outside will have the sun as the main source of light. To avoid burning the top of the weed plants, transfer them outside in a shady area first during the first few days of exposure. No direct sunlight since the plants can get burned quickly under the heat of the sun.
  6. Thanks so much for your input. Il start watering them more and not putting them outside at least not without training them as you mentioned. This is the bucket I've been using, although I kind of regret spending so much money on a premade one rather than making my own. Right now I believe they are under 2 5000k bulbs right now not sure what the wattage is since they came with the bucket, but I just ordered 4 65000k 100w bulbs and an intake fan since it didn't come with one. Not really sure when I need to start giving them nutrients but I believe it's to early now. 1590279250534.jpg

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  7. in the fox farm soil I use I don't need to start feeding until about week 6. you can check your ppm run off 300-400ppm for first part of veg 450-700ppm for second part of veg 750-950 for first part of flower 1,000-1,600ppm for second part of veg then flush about two weeks before harvest and only feed ph water between 6 and 7 until you harvest your numbers don't have to match those just something to base off of as long as the plants look happy that's all that matters but you check that runoff and see where your at in the plants life cycle and adjust nutes accordingly.
  8. mites? cannabis outgrows what i think you might have, although i remember more pronounced small even sized white specs, it was barely able to be seen on the underneath side of the leaf, white, and then i saw a slightly larger red almost black one and began messaging my leaves lightly and it got rid of them for the most part. later there was only a portion of a single digit number of leaves that they survived in.
  9. Thrips or mites maybe. Check under the leaves with a magnifying glass.
  10. yeah, and when i switched to a more power full lighting system they localized to a few leaf and did not seem to spread. some leaf were completely erradicated of the mites purely from high light intensity. some even crawl back to the soil from which they came only to return someday when the light intensity decreases. recommendation: bake your soil at 190f for 20-minutes next time. water and keep moist for a few weeks until the microbes in the soil recover as they die from heat and lack of moisture as well. then plant.

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