Help My Plant Broke In Half

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by ManonymousM, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. my plant is 4 months old and it accedently broke in half in the middle of the stem 
    i tied it with a small string to support it
    is there any hope? :(

  2. Trying cloning it...?
  3. i dont really know how... is there any other option?
  4. Do some research on cloning, youtube it. Tons of information out there. 
    You can tie it up or tape it up. She will still grow with slowly after she repairs herself.
  5. Did the stalk completley snap off? If it snapped most of the way but not all of the way, then you have a chance.
  6. it did not completley snap off, just a little but i tied a small string around it to supprt it. but im still worried
  7. could you show us a picture?
  8. Try using duct tape and tape them back together, sounds stupid yes but does work. I had a plant snap on me so i just taped it back together where it had snapped. The stalk managed to fuse itself together and grew a large "ball" where the breakage occurred. It actually helped alot because the plant ended up growing like in an arc shape, thus getting more light to the entire plant rather than just the canopy.
  9. i forgot to mention that my plant is an autoflower skunk, and here is a picture
    and how is the plant looking overall?
  10. i think she will be fine give her lots of love and care lots of water id put some duct tape around the stock for some extra strength not tightly give her room to heal

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