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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by TheArrow, Nov 1, 2002.

  1. its bben about 4-5 weeks now, and my plants arent bigger than 7 inches, they are very close knit stems , then spacey
    at the top, the leaves at the bottom, first 2 set are all yellow and dead, and the veins are mostly purple, what is the problem, i dont have a camera or anything but they are about 6-7 inches, they are very slow to grow.
  2. What kind of lighting do you have on them?.....Peace out....sid
  3. I have 2x warm white 4 ft , 1x gro-lux 4 ft, 1x cool white 4ft
    + 2 compact flouros, I have discovered through a buddy that I need more fert and more space.

    Heres a question, if youre growing in soil, and the roots are coming out to the surface and stick out, is that neccesarilly bad or do they get air?
  4. To me that would seem as if the pot isn't big enough for a good root system, what size of medium are you using?...i'd go for at least a 3 gallon pot or even better a 5 gallon pot to allow the roots lots of room to branch out....Peace out...Sid
  5. I just have a few in a kitty litter box, the roots are mixing with others, but I dont have enuff money to buy soil or pots, is there any way I can keep the plant and roots in a small chunk of dirt and let the roots hang everywhere out of the pot.
    or mix together
  6. It's a bad idea to have the roots mixing, as it may be neccesarry to pull the males out....plastic plant pots are only like £1 each sometimes cheaper and soil is only £5 a's worth trying to get them, a cat litter tray may not be deep enough...they're usually only a couple of inches high.....Peace out...Sid
  7. I agree when those roots all intertwine it will cause nothing but greif. Also the purple could be caused by lower temp or a P def, although sometimes plants do have it as a natural trait.
  8. I know that it isnt a natural trait, but I do know that I need deeper containers. how fast should veg be, and what is the worst that will happen if there are lots of roots mixing and such?
  9. 1)Worst case scenario...all plants will die due to lack of space for the roots.

    2)you won't be able to get rid of any males...they'll pollinate the females...slowing bud production and giving you seedy weed..

    by a miricle...they may turn out o.k.....but unlikely.....

    why don't you steal a couple of pots from someones garden who isn't using them...y'know someone who thought about gardening once and never got round to perfecting it and has lots of pots....then just sterilise the pot.....Peace out....Sid
  10. why cant you let the root mix?? because of the male? just cut the stem off and remove it as soon as u see the sex

    cant be possible?? if yes then y?
  11. I cant steal pots because there is 2 inches of snow on the ground now.... all sorts of pots dissapeared in sept around here. Is there a way I can sustitute pots for something else?
  12. poke a few holes in the bottom of a bucket, or really anything deeper than the kittylitter box.
  13. why cant you let the root mix?? because of the male? just cut the stem off and remove it as soon as u see the sex

    I never thought of one...however it still leaves the problem of the room for the female roots...?

    you can use anything that will hold soil and put holes in the bottom.....maybe a 3 litre or above bottle cut in half?....just as budstuffer said.......Peace out...Sid
  14. dont know that but i think when you cut the male after a couple week the male root will die and degrade slowly so the female root could ave place and it could be some nutrient to??just a tought!

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