Help my leaves are turning brown

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  1. Please advise what to do. First grow gg#4 thanks in advance

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  2. Cal/mag defficiency and I believe potassium defficiency as well
  3. Get some nutes and something called Hygrozyme (be careful using this one, only as directed or it can burn up your plant) in there fast and trim out the inner and lower fan/sucker leaves, especially those that are already brown. They are damaged and using up plant energy. This will allow your plant to make new healthy leaves quickly. Make the addition of nutes slowly, about 1/4 of the normal amount shown on the instructions, and do this each time you water for two weeks, then go back to normal nutes. If you add too many nutrients when your plant is struggling you can shock it and burn out the remaining healthy leaves on your plant. Also, make sure you don't shock the plant or you might end up with a hermaphrodite on your hands...
  4. Prior to planting, in order to avoid calcium deficiency, dolomite lime is a good thing to add to your growing medium. Never tried this myself, but maybe research if it's plausible to mix in some dolomite lime with the water you're using. Possibly as a foliar feeding for quicker results. I believe Epsom salt can also be used to correct calcium defeciency.

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