HELP! my girls are sick

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  1. i have two pineapple express plants in week 7 of flowering. the leaves have started to brown and die can anyone judge whats wrong from the pictures?

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  2. I'm noticing that the plants have almost no leaves. I'm also noticing that the leaf in the last pic appears more than healthy enough to have stayed on the plant. Chopping all of the healthy fan leaves off is bad for the flowering plant and may be causing problems.
  3. idk about this specific strain, but many finish in 8 weeks. It's natural to see yellowing and dropping leaves late in flower.
  4. Whatever is left of the leaves
    is P deficient.

  5. sorry,this is only my first grow so im still learning..what should i do to bring my girls back to life?

  6. Try upping the nutes a bit.

    I wouldnt start making all sorts of changes
    now. Shes come this far.


  7. You don't appear to have any obvious, major problems. Give them more food as Freak suggested and just continue refining your growing technique. Keep track of the pH readings of both the soil and the liquids you water/feed with. Monitor the temps at canopy level. Provide sufficient cooling for your lights so you can bring the plants as close as possible.

    Above all, avoid cutting the plants during flowering. The leaves absorb light energy to grow buds with. You should start by only cutting leaves blocking light from getting to one of the stalks' tops, and then only in the first half of flowering.
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    ok thanks guys..i will keep this thread updated if you wanna check back to see how they are doing.any suggestions on how to lower the ph of my soil.its at 7.0 and i know it should be around 6.0-6.2?

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