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Help My Friend

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by AAckley1, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. Back Story:

    A guy, lets call him Dave, is without a doubt addicted to weed. I didn't think its possible, but it is. Dave gets mad if you don't smoke weed with him, Dave rummages through other people's rooms when they are sleeping to find weed, No one lets Dave roll blunts or get anywhere near their sack because Dave always takes a nug for himself.

    Dave has started fights, fist fights, over not smoking him out. Dave, also, has no job and never has weed to throw down. When Dave does have weed (which is when Daves mom has him go to the store and he gets money out of the ATM with her card, without asking), he says "its personal" and never shares. When people do smoke Dave out, he complains about it. He says he could of got better, that its not getting him that high, that the blunt wasn't rolled good enough ETC.

    Meet my friend, lets call him Tony. Tony is Dave's brother. Tony understands and knows all this about Dave. Yet, sometimes he feels guilty because he says its his brother. Tony is a hard-worker, yet is tired of his weed going to Dave's addiction. Tony will feel guilty if he doesn't smoke out Dave, yet when Dave isn't around he admits to hating it.

    The fucked up situation is Tony and Dave's parents get mad at Tony if he doesn't bring Dave along with him. Dave really has no friends at all, no one likes him because he lies, complains, and doesn't know when to stop with things.

    Tony wants to stop smoking out Dave, yet Dave is always around. Dave follows Tony pretty much everywhere throughout their house and expects Tony to smoke him out. If Tony doesn't smoke out Dave, Dave goes and complains to their parents. Who get mad at Tony, and threaten to call the cops on him for having weed. They are all adults, Tony is twenty years old and Dave is nineteen.

    I keep telling Tony that he should stop, tell Dave to get a life, get his own friends ETC.
    Tony listens and understands and agrees, but feels guilty about it because its his brother.

    What can I say to Tony to make him understand because I feel terrible about it and I hate seeing my friends in situations of hurt?
  2. Dave sounds like a real bitch...tell Tony to just stop smoking him up all the time unless he pitches in
  3. Dave's problem is not marijuana. It doesn't matter whether he smoked pot or not the guy's got major issues. Tell Tony to tell his parents that Dave needs to talk to a counselor. Seriously, he's got to find out what's making him such an ass or one day he's going to realize how empty and lonely his life is and he'll either top himself or punish everyone around him. Good luck.
  4. Tell Tony to quit smoking weed at the house and just sneak out. It sounds like it's time for Tony to move out
  5. yea this kid sounds like a little bitch
    i might sound a bit irrational, but he needs to get punched hard a couple times in the face
    yea if he's really as bad as you say he his, he has a real problem
    he doesnt need counseling, he needs some fuckin discipline

    and are you sure he's 19? i would understand his parents forcing his brother to take him places if he was like 10 years old, but 19?
  6. you say he fights a lot, so set him up in a fight with a huge guy to kick the crap out of him. that should set him straight.
  7. What a lil puto who needs a bitch slappin.
  8. Dave's had his ass kicked, he got his head smashed through a door and down a flight of stairs one night when he got drunk at a party and Dave's older brother whooped his ass once.

    He just makes excuses why he would of whooped their ass. And acts like an even more hardass.

    And yes, Dave is 19. Tony was going to leave one night to go to this club our friends just opened and their parents were going to disconnect the cable to his battery on his car if he didn't take Dave.
  9. Tell Tony to take control of his fucking life.
  10. i have never in my life met a person like Dave... sounds like he needs a swift kick to the ass. its not so much that he is a 'weed addict' his problem stems from being a terrible excuse for a human being.
  11. Tony is trying bro. Some people money is a big limiting factor.
  12. Morality causes all sorts of problems. I learned to look out for myself and I no longer have such issues with people. Tony ought to tell Dave to go fuck himself.
  13. You try telling your brother, blood brother, to go fuck themselves bro. I know I couldn't do it.
  14. I can, and have.
  15. Wow haha me and my bro are close but we both have cars and arent like that at all. Sadly every set of bros that smokes has their lil niche to them. All i can say is tell tony to tell dave he is DRY. That he has no way of getting herb, or say he is broke or is saving up for a car part, worst comes to worst tell em your on a tolerence break and he just smoked the last bowl or some BS. Trust theres ways around it, although the parents sound like they play a strong part in the conflict
  16. Bitch him out for like 10 minutes and get all in his face about him being a loser. Bust out some WWF shit on him if you have to.
  17. no weed, no money no smoke

    somtimes, people just need to hear it.

    I have a feeling you guys are a little to nice,
  18. [​IMG]
    O rly?

    Sorry, I had to :p

    But yeah, just tell him to fuck off. Tell his parents that he is an addict or needs to see a counselor.
  19. yeah just tell his parenets

    "Your son is and addict, it has to stop he keeps smoking all my weed!"
  20. Troll, lwal

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