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  1. Hey guys, my friend called me up concerned about his family's well-being and privacy issues being forced upon, and I'm wondering if you guys could help me advice him with legal advice.

    Right now, he is living with his family, and unfortunately, his father loaned money from an individual(s) not too sure, for a job, and was unable to pay it back completely due to the economy.

    The father owns those guys a fair amount of money, but DEFINITELY less than what their house is worth. Now, that family has been at their house for 20 years and are fighting for it - but apparently, the individual(s) say that since they're owed money, they can claim possession over the house entirely.

    Now, saying that if what they are doing is indeed legal, which I don't think it should be, apparently, there is a realtor coming to that house to take pictures of the rooms in the house to put up on the sale advertisement, and that the house will eventually have an Open House event, in which people can walk in and look around.

    Now, all this is happening when the family is STILL LIVING IN THAT HOUSE.

    Now, my friend wants to know if he is able to tell that photographer he does not agree or consent to that person's entrance into his place of residence and that he is intruding on their property. And that there is no Open House allowed while a family is currently residing there. He says he wants to tell the realtor and open house visitors that if they want to see what the house looks like, to go to city hall, get a blue print, and fuck off and die. He also plans on telling people there that by buying the house, they will be displacing an entire family who have been living there for a while and that he will return and make the house unlivable for future tenants.

    Note, the people my friend's father loaned money off are NOT banks or any other major governmental entities. They should not be able to walk all over the privacy and legal rights of a family currently residing in their house.

    What do you guys think about this? Any great legal advice would be EXTREMELY helpful. We are in Canada by the way.
  2. Procure an attorney.


    Do not take legal advice on this matters on a free forum, actually pay for it.:cool:
  3. Well I'm sure they have, but the father isn't currently in the same city my friend lives in at the moment, so in the chance the realtor comes, he wants to know what to say to prevent him from entering the house to take the photos or the open house visitors
  4. Umm, pretty sure he can be like, "Git" and they can't come in.
  5. Probably much of fuck all honestly.

    They probably signed one too many papers while fuddling over the fine print.:cool:
  6. Yeah I agree with Oscar. Find an attorney, right away. Don't let anyone in your property until you have things figured out.
  7. Yea, once the contracts are signed, it's a done deal, which is fucking retarded in my opinion. But if the house sells or whatever, we are gonna come back to it and FUCK it up
    hahaha - he says he'd rather see it burn than others living in it.
  8. Your property tell them they can't come in. Fuck them. If they have the legal right to well the can prove it with an attorney and a warrant.
  9. But do non-bank entities have the right to completely override the residents' privacy? I mean, okay, let's say the loaner owns the house, and the family has to accept it and move. But until they find a buyer, they are not obligated to have people enter their house for any reason until they move out. Is that correct?
  10. I mean if he willingly signed over his property then I don't know what to tell you.
  11. They can not enter the house if denied even if they have the right to by contract. They must get an attorney to do anything of the nature.
  12. Yeah dude, what it all comes down to is to find a lawyer that knows the exact laws for where you live and then to find out exactly what you're gonna have to do.
  13. Well, I believe the deal is that they haven't signed over the house to the loaner's ownership yet, but the loaner is heavily pressuring them as per the contract or something, saying that the house must be put up for sale and sold, with the remaining debt being paid off by the selling price and the rest going back to the family. So from what I understand, the family still owns the house, but they are obligated to sell it if they cannot procure the funds in the near future. That being said, if the family agrees to sell the house too, thats fine, but do they not deserve their few months of moving out, privacy, etc before they have photographs and unwanted visitors in their home?

    Thats where it goes into the WTF levels
  14. Ikd what to tell you for where you're at but i suggest you take a couple hundred bucks and sit down and talk to an educated lawyer and figure out for sure what you need to go through to get this taken care of.
  15. Yea, I'll definitely just tell him to talk to his family's lawyer, and have him present at the time when the realtor comes and that he has the right to deny those people entry.

    Thanks guys for your input!!
  16. Then your friend will be homeless and in prison! Great idea.
  17. lol I doubt he'd be dumb enough to let the new homeowners, if so, recognize him.

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