Help. My flower's been pollinated.

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  1. Hello, GC. I've been flowering my plant for over two months now. For the last two weeks I've made a huge mistake by putting one more plant in the same grow room I was flowering my feminized plant. Bad luck. The new plant revealed male and I removed it as soon as I saw it, but I think it was a little bit late..

    Here are some pics of my buds. Are those snowy balls seeds? Am I still able to smoke the buds after harvest(removing the seeds, of course)?
    I am not sad nor I think it was bad luck, seeds are always welcome here.

    Also, since it was flowering for 2 months now, how long should I wait for harvest ?
    And I still wonder why my plant has lost all its big leaves and got left only with those small bud leaves..
    (Grow setup:
    200w cfl lights
    Medium garden soil with perlite, wormcastings and coco
    Ph range 6.0 6.5)
  2. Seeds are the least of your problems. Wtf happened here? Is this plant reverting to veg? This picture has got me fucked up. Let me finish this blunt and come back...
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  3. What's going on with your plants

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  4. How many CFL lights are you using? She looks really light deprive, maybe why the big leafs just done gave up. How many hours of light have you been giving her, and how sure are you there isn't a light leak in your grow room? Maybe from a fan running?
  5. Plant looks really funk, kind of cool funky, looks like star buds. Either way I think it's time to start a new plant.

    I'm guessing you either had light leaks or not on a 12/12 schedule. Looks like it revegged then flowered then revegged again and then flowered again. :smoke:
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  6. It actually does look kind of dope haha...
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    Man you could just finish em outdoors and start some new beans... nobody will know what the hell that thing is anyway...

    There is so much wrong with this thread though... and OP what you are thinking is seeds is caxyls and if grown properly they bud up into nice normal buds...

    Grow journal
  8. Well I wonder every time I check up on her...
    I'm using 8 cfl lights
    Probably some light leak, my 12/12 schedule runs with a timer so no mistake on that.
    This is the first time I grow something like this. It is very strange indeed.

    I know it seems strange. I will continue growing it and post results after harvest.
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  9. You're using a total of 200 watts of CFL, or 8, 200 watters? You're probably using some kind of "smart CFL" that is energy efficient, and not a grow CFL. I bet your plant is getting more like 50 watts
  10. Wow
  11. And what would grow cfl lights should look like?

    Most of you are just just making fun and almost none of you has even tried to help to find a solution or figure out what is going on. Well thank you all.
  12. Looks like some bad genetics i had one of my 4 of the same strain turn out like this i called it strawberry cactus yeild after dry was shit on density but hey who knows after cure it could be the dopest dope.
  13. How long did you wait untill harvest?
  14. Weirdest plant I ever seen

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