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  1. im a first time grower and my girl is flowering right now and has been for about a week or 2. i have her in a pot with very fertile garden soil.

    so to the problem- her bottom leaves are starting to turn yellow and just die off. at first it was more mellow and i was told that it could just be the leaves getting sheded, but it spread to the next 2 leaf sets and the initial set had died off.
    can anyone help me?
  2. Please be more specific on what type of soil.
    What is the soil/ run-off pH?
    What type of lights?
    What, how much, how often do you feed it?
    What are the temps in the room?
    Most likely it is starting to get N deficient or over fertilized. Need more info however.
  3. Hiya buddhabro, more info would help. It is normal for pot to do as you say.

    All the rest of her still looking good and growing? If so, be careful.
  4. yea sorry, im growing outdoors and for ph i have no clue how to determine it.
    i just started feeding her a little bit of miracle grow but i dont think that this is the problem.
    and shes still looking healthy everywhere else besides those bottom leaves.
    like i said tho, the soil is just straight from the garden, very dark loose soil, that grips together well.
    thanks for the replies
  5. yeah so i just checked the plant today and the yellowness had spread to alot more leaves. can anyone tell me whats wrong?
    N problem possibly?
  6. Do you have pictures?
    Sounds like N deficiency.
    Since you just fed her, give her a few days to work before feeding again.
  7. ok thanks alot
    and ill try to get pictures out there but it will be a little sketchy considering the only camera i would be able to use is my sisters
  8. o no!
    its spreading everywhere!
    but atleast i have pictures now which will help u help me!
    so pleassseeee helpp mee

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  9. She's hungry bro. Looks very hungry. Up your nutes. what N-P-K?

    That is just her way of saying, feed me!

    gl and don't overdo it.
  10. ok so i made the recommended mixture of miracle grow all purpose plant food at quarter strenght and dumped out about 1/16th of a gallon right to my plant
    should i just be giving her enouph food as i would if i were watering her?:confused:
    when should i bump up the strenght?:confused:
    besides that does everything seem good?:confused:
    thanks alot :D
  11. 1/4 strength is good to start with and yes give water as normally.
    It really looks hungry so a little bit too much water now is better then waiting with the nutes.
    You've got MG GP nutes right?
    Package says nute once every two weeks so go for once every week because you're growing a weed and not a slow growing house plant.
    In one week 1/2 strength.
    In two weeks normal strength.
    Do not exceed normal strength, nuteburn will fry your plant later if you do.

    Plant looks a bit skinny if you ask me, we'd better pray no storm flies over there.
    Especially so if the buds get bigger and heavier.....
    This is probably from lack of sufficient lighting.
    You're growing in the shadows under the trees right?
    MJ really likes direct sunlight so move the pots if you can.
  12. +rep to urg8stfear.
  13. she gets about 6 hours of direct sunlight a day
    but thanks alot for all the help +rep to both of u:D

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