help my cuttings/clones dont look good (pics)

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  1. So i took ten cuttings from two plants, 5 from each plant. This is my first time cloning. I cut them with a sterilzed razor at a 45 degree angle, cut off lower fan leaves and cut half of the top leaves off. I left one node on all of them and covered them with rootone with fungicide then put them into peat pellets that were already soaked. Its been 3 days, and they dont look good. I've been misting them about 4 times a day because i live in a very dry desert climate, and have them covered with a dome, under two 15 watt cfl's. Any thoughts or help? here are some pics

  2. do they have a dome?

    they look over watered and dry as they humidity is probably really low


    once you get a dome spay AROUND the plants on on them as this can cause mold
  3. they have a dome, and i have been spraying both the plants and the dome to keep it moist.
  4. well my second guess would be Overwatering

    dont water them so much just keep the humidity up, spray the dome

    mabe cut more of the leaves so it can get moisture in there

    they seem to be doing ok tho, would get worried if they get any worse
  5. Yea overwatering can be a problem. Do you get a buildup of water in the bottom of your tray? This could cause your peat pellets to get too moist for the clones to root... After 3 days though these ones might be goners if they haven't stood back up already....
  6. i have only done this once i did 40 clones and for the first week they look doomed but after the second all but 5 have rooted go figure there hardy little buggers lol i kept them in a heated prop but only misted the leaves lightly in lightly i mean just a couple of squeezes of the spray bottle twice a day and kept a check on my to keep them moist cubes once in the morning and once in the evening i payed more attention to keeping the dome lid moist if that dried out i would spray it apparently if you spray the leaves too much they will take longer to root beacuse they dont have to search for water! good luck man dont give up on them little girls yet oh yeah i put a light layer of sand in the bottom of my prop to soak up excess water
  7. It's not too late to build yourself an aero cloner for about $20.
    I live in the desert myself and I can't recommend them highly enough for low-humidity situations. Tough to keep a peat-pot just right around here. LOL

    I've had wicked results with it and it uses plain water.

    If you're growing in soil just pull them out when they have white bumps on them and at least one root that's beginning to pop out. Pop them into your seedling soil mix and they'll take off right away.

    Since you're in the desert, put the whole thing in a bigger plastic tub with the lid cracked for the pump power cord. The cloner puts off humidity and the bigger tub will keep the air from drying out too fast.
  8. anyone have a link for how to make one of these cloners?
  9. No.. but here is an FAQ from the original FAQ Section.
    I couldn't find the original tech that I used myself. I my experience I just used plain RO water and held the cuttings in the holes in the lid with pieces of sponge wrapped around the stem. :p

    Freaking killer. So read the tech below and keep in mind that the only thing you're trying to create here is a situation where the end of the cutting is hit by tiny bitty droplets of water that form when the bubbles pop.

    Just don't put too many bubbles in it like I did. You'll get ladder roots and wicked pH swings from too much dissolved gasses. (two bubble wands from a single dual output 4 watt airpump LOL)

    One wand along the length of a 12" rubbermaid tub will be enough to root more than 20 or so cuttings so keep it small. :)


    Contributed by: Syko2
    Submitted: July 27th, 2004
    Images archived 2004

    How to root cuttings in 5 to 7 days with your existing hydroponic equipment? - simply use your dwc or swc systems for rooting - just raise the water in your res to submerge the cutting stem.

    A simple, easy-to-use system with little maintenance. Requires no misting, no domes, no rooting agents and no ph adjusting.

    Nutrients and conditions

    Plain tap water with a starting ppm of 50 (@.5) up to 200 (@.5) and a PH of 7.0 can be used. Lowering the PH from my experience is pointless. The main thing to remember is to keep everything clean and max your DO levels (Dissolved Oxygen) by keeping nutrient temps cool: 65 to 78 is ideal. Use an air pump 2 times the size of the res (ie for a 10 gallon res use an air pump good for 20 gallons).


    I use a 10 gallon plastic tub w/ a 10 gallon Whisper air pump and 2 1 inch air stones. Any size reservoir can be used - it can even be clear.

    Using 1 inch air stones will greatly increase your amount of bubbles, but almost any size air stones or bubble curtain can be used.

    Medium: none (suspended in air), grow rocks, lava rocks and coco coir among others can be used.

    Setup & maintenance

    After you take your cuttings, make sure the stem is submerged at least 1 inch into the res water until roots or root bumps can be seen. I have tried several depths of stem submersion up to 4 inches and had no problems rooting.

    Keep the system clean by dumping, washing and refilling it every 7 to 10 days. Adding h202 @ 1 tsp to 1 tbsp a gallon (or 5 to 15 mls a gallon) (H2O2 = Hydrogen Peroxide) every few days will help keep the system clean, & will add oxygen to the res. I don't add anything except plain fresh tap water.

    No need to add any rooting hormones into the system or to the cuttings stem however, water soluble gels or solutions like Rootec or Olivia can be used (I have noticed no difference in rooting times).

    Clones will root within 5 to 7 days however, some do take longer.
  10. Thanks a lot! I might make one of those in the next few days. I really hope at least a few of my clones make it. They all look real droopy, but we'll see. They stay real warm, around 85, and i have been keeping the dome moist as much as i can. If they dont work, then i guess i have to wait a week or two before i take any more cutting from my two mothers.
  11. so my clones are looking a lil better. I trimmed off a few more of the leaves except on the very top of them. I think maybe half will root, which i would be happy with 50% on my first try. hope to build a small bubble cloner next weekend. any DIY guides with pics would be helpful.
  12. Don't use the peat retains too much water & provides poor oxygenation, & can lead to root rot.

    Those clones are seriously over watered.

    Try Rapid Rooters. They are made from composted tree bark, & are probably the easiest medium to clone in. If I take 50 clones, I will easily get 48 of em' to root.

    Best method I have come across is Rapid Rooters, Root Tech clone gel, humidome & tray, & seedling heat mat. If you also use a product called Hygrozyme, you can get rooted clones in 9 days.
  13. Thanks man. I plan to try something else for my next attempt at cloning. I may go with either the rapid rooter and/or an bubble cloner. Just depends on if i have it made when i take my next cuttings. Thanks for all the help.
  14. I never spray the plant only the inside of the dome, i also clip each finger of the leaf at about 1/2 the length
  15. what was your success rate in the end?

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