help my babys are dying!!!!

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by derrikbliss, Jul 21, 2017.

  1. so this is my first large scale grow and I am having some horrible issues this has all happened over night practically!! 2 weeks ago these plants were happy full of life standing straight up now they are dying help idk whats going on, the white residue is from a russet mite killing agent but I don't believe this is only or russet mite damage at all? help!!
  2. I'm not a pot grower, but I play one on teevee.


    Those plants look like they need water.
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  3. this plant is dead and the soil is soaked from the watering it had the day before because it died because its sick because they aren't eating they are just dying
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  4. What did you put on them? Could you have killed them with water? It looks like it's too late for help.
  5. its russet mite damage, I will post pictures once they are healthy again!!
  6. I don't think those plants will be healthy again so I'll be looking for your new pics. I hope you're right, you've put a lot of work into those plants, it'd be a shame to lose them.

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