HELP my baby is dying!

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  1. Hey im a absolute beginer. I have one plant thats about 4 or 5 week and another thats only about 2 or 3.

    Recently i transplanted both plants into new soil. I used a mix 80% regular soil 15% perlite and and 5% tomato fert with a 12-10-6 ratio.

    The older plant's leaves are starting to dry up and die! i cut off some of the limbs that looked unrepairable. A used a ph meter and the soil was about 5.5 so i flushed it tonight and it doesnt look like its doing much better.:(

    I: have a 150 watt High pressure sodium bulb, and fan on low, and a bowl of water to keep the cabinet their kept in a lil humid.

    I need help with the older plant! im not sure why it started to die as soon as i used the new soil...maybe i used too much fert?

    I am also trying to do LST with the younger plant. I just started the first phase yesterday and tied it up...dont see much change yet but the bottom leaves are looking a little thinking that might be a N deff?

    ANY help will be greatly appreciated!:D

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  2. they pretty fert burnt ,

    what brand of soil exactally?

    you must start your plant off @ 1/4 strength ferts and work your way up

    your ferts , your water & flush water all need to be PH corrected to the optimum ph range of 6.5 - 6.8PH you need "PH up" (potassium based is best) to PH correct your ferts, PH down (phosphoric acid base is best) to adjust your water and flush water(tap water is usually alkaline)

    transplant to new soil, with scissors trim the dead necrotic parts off the leaves

    1 drop of SUPERthrive per cup of water, water each plant 1 cup of this water and leave the plants alone for 1 1/2 - 2 weeks.

    Edit: pray to whomever it is you do business with

  3. well the soil went back up to about 6.5...should i still transplant to new soil? im not sure what kind of soil i used...i tried getting the most organic with no additives i could get.

    i should just trim around where the dying parts of the leaves are?

    where can i buy a bottle of super thrive? Should i use it weekly or just when things start to look bad for the plants?

  4. the soil is messed up with ferts, & they would never survive a flush and all that envolves

    superthrive can be bought most anywhere , garden centers , home depot, hydro shops
  5. what type of soil should i use?

    How much should i water them after i change the soil?

  6. black gold is good soil, they wont need much water till they recover
  7. i went to 3 different stores and couldnt find any i bought this root stimulator/transplanting solution with vitamin b1? and 2-5-2 ratio. I also have root hormone..idk what else can i use to help revieve my plants?
  8. so i bought this root stimulator/transplanting solution with vitamin b1?

    that may work fine , its the vitamin B1 compund you need
  9. im transplanting tonight so ill post some pics tommarow to see if i have any changes

    Thanks for the support so far :)

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