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  1. Hello everyone I'm new here, just wanted to say hello before I get started. Ok let's start off by telling you about my set up and feeding schedule. I'm using roots organics formula 707, I mixed in some ancient forest Alaska humus soil amendment and some black gold worm castings. I have 5 gallon fabric pots and using 2 kind led 400 watt and one spider 600 watt led in a 4x4 tent. As for fertilizer I'm using cyco nutrients and I'm following their advanced nutrient calculator. Their chart says to water with ph at 5.5 to 5.8 when feeding, which I check with my blue lab ph probe. I'm using ro water so I was adding some extrea cal mag I had from humbolts nutrients. My problem is, it looks like I'm developing a magnesium deficiency but everything I read says it starts with older leaves, from bottom to top. It seems to of started from the top and spread down to the bottom. I did notice some clawing which leads me to believe nitrogen toxicity. I'm definetly not over watering so we can cancel that out. I tested my soil and the ph was between 6.0 and 6.3. I can't seem to find a consistent answer to best ph in soiles mix to absorbe magnesium. In my opinion I'm getting ph lockout because I was suplimenting my feeding with extra cal mag. I watered with cyco kleanse yesterday, as I do every 3rd watering and decided to try and foliar feed with some magnesium, We will see if that helps. Please help I'm ready to switch to 12/12 because they are getting very big. I don't want to send them into flower being sick like this. I will get some pictures up as soon as lights come on. If I'm missing anything just ask and I will try to answer, thanks

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  2. its mag..prob locked out from the n and are in soil not soilless since the 707 is peat based and you added humus so you want your ph 6.5 to's not too bad I would ph the water to 6.8 and cut back on the n
  3. Hey man, thanks for the response. Should I put anything in the soil to raise ph or will watering with 6.8 ph water do the trick? Also should I foliar feed with mag solution until ph in soil rises to 6.5?
  4. no just ph the water to that ...I use protek as ph up since silica is good anyways just add it before the nutes or it falls out of suspension..and I use folic acid like mad farmer nuts or liquid karma for down but ph up and down will work if thats what you have..make sure you have 10-20% run off so you dont get salt can foliar under the leaves with epsom salt if they start getting real yellow but they should be fine.. at least you'll have plenty of n to make it through flower but it can delay it a week or so
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    hmmmm I never seem to get any run off because I like to water every 3 days, I was afraid if I put too much water in, it would go to every 5 days And it will be difficult to get excess water out of my trays, maybe I can get a small shop vac and suck it out. I use about a gallon per plant. I forgot to mention I use Hydro Organics Earth Juice Natural Down And up.
  6. well when you start flower they will drink like twice as much but if you like to do a gallon each then cut back feeding to every other time or lower the ppm..In organics the humic (castings and humus) break down the peat and nutes while balancing the ph..just plain ro water at 6.8 would be fine in between feedings
  7. Speaking of ppm my nutes are at about 800. Ok I will put your plan into action. I'm glad you think it don't look bad because it's freaking me out. I thought for sure they where on there way out. I'm hoping to get them to 12 12 soon or I'm gonna be in trouble. I'll post a pic of my light set up for shits and giggles. Thanks again my friend

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  8. nah you're good man I've had almost all yellow plants week two flower and still kept them up till the could even switch now if you want it takes a couple week to be fully in flower anyways..keep up what you're doing just get that ph up
  9. nice setup never done led...hows the heat and electric bill?
  10. This will be my 3rd grow with led. Buds are nice and dense but I can't compair to hps and mh setup because it's been at least 10 years since I grew with them. Heat isn't to bad, never had any trouble controlling it but I do still have to run my a/c. bill isn't to bad either. Lights are expensive as hell, but last so long.
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  11. Nice...I'm stuck in a small trailer now so been thinking of a small closet grow again...started with a 400w in a 2x3 tent but did 1000w in a 5x5 for years...was growing at a friends but she lost her house in december so now just have all my equipment in my shed...I miss growing =(
  12. I had 1 1000 mh light 1 1000 watt hps light and a 430 watt mh light in a 10x10 room when I started long time ago. I had them stored away for years but just sold them for pennies, took a big loss but needed to get them out. This time Im also growing at a friends house. thank god because when I used to grow in my own place I was nervous all the time. This is nice and stress free.
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