Help my autos are a failure!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Got2bgrown95, Jun 23, 2017.

  1. Can I give them anything to help ..I lowered the light and they grew a little over night it seems I got them in 2.5 gallon pods on 12/12 sunlight they are 19 days old ..does anyone have a tip for nutes or light ..or anything!?
  2. What's happening? Photos?

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  3. They are 19 days old and look like they are way to small

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  4. They do look a little small, they look like they are in need of more light. The stems look very thin. Are you only giving them 12/12 light? If you are that is not how to grow autos and could account for their smaller stature
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  5. I agree that they look small for almost 3 weeks - they look 1 week old. That could possibly be because of the size pots they're in - small plants grow slower in large pots. I know that people say to not transplant an auto but I don't agree - I have started an auto in a solo cup and transplanted to a larger container at 2 weeks old with no slowdown in growth. Unfortunately your problem is very common among first time growers of autos. I believe that the light schedule should be either 18/6 or 24/0 - that could be another reason for slow growth. Good luck.
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  6. I wouldn't suggest running lower then 18/6 for your autos but I have heard of people only doing 12/12 and it working out

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  7. Will it shock them if I change the light now ? They have had 24/0 for a week then 12/12 since ! If I did switch to 18/6 now what kind of yield can I expect to get ? Thanks
  8. If it's only been a week you should go ahead and change out back to 18/6 or even 24/0 is what I run mine at and as for the yield I couldn't tell you my friend not quite That experienced yet lol I'm sure someone will be able to but the yield isn't just about the light cycle it also has a lot to deal with the wattage of your lights and many other things

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  9. This is my autoflower on week 2 from a seed [​IMG]

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  10. You definitely want to switch back and keep it there, get the lights closer and more of them. My auto is a week old and has more growth than that with only 14 hours of light outside.
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  11. 24 hours lighting

    More lighting


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  12. I've got a 600w metal halide how far away should it be and should I get another ?
  13. What kind of lights do you run ? And what soil blend is that?!
  14. What about topping? Should I top them or lollipop? Also I'm going to do a photo next time what is a good strain and company anyone's had luck with ? Thanks
  15. I have a 300w viparspectra LED light you can pick one up on amazon for $80 I think? But trust me it's worth it and plus $80 is cheap compared to most LEDs. And my soil mix is just kind of a random mix I threw together my self some compost from a local composting place some organic soil from Walmart and I added some sand in the mix (I have no idea if it helps) but I've heard it can help with Getting air to the roots. So far it's been working pretty well!

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  16. Considering this is your first grow and you don't seem to have much knowledge (don't take offense to that we all start somewhere lol) I wouldn't even worry about topping or anything at least yet your plants are still to small. I wouldn't top no lower then the 3rd node.

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  17. Advice on the light, I can't give you much advice on that cause I've only ever used LEDs

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  18. Thanks for the tips I'll look into that led light ! Any tips on strains and company for the next time around?
  19. How far do you keep it from yours ?
  20. Any where from 12"-18" is usually best and strains I couldn't help you with but my favorite place to order seeds would be Buy Marijuana (Cannabis) Seeds from MSNL hands down my top pick they are pretty quick about there shipping and very stealthy about it. In fact they were so stealthy the first time I ordered at first I didn't think they even sent me my seeds! Lol but I won't say how they sent them due to I have no idea who's watching

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