help mrbubbles find this pill

Discussion in 'General' started by Mr.bubbles, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. im pretty sure its xanax shaped just like a fuckin bar... but its a light yellow and on one side its spaceed out and says 5 5 5 and on the other side it says ETH 309
  2. If they look like the picture below they are Buspirone
  3. Okay, you missed the point of what he was asking. What is the ingredient of the pill? IS it Xanax? Is it a narcotic?
  4. Lol didnt you read my post, I put a link to the page telling all about it.
  5. ill just make this a lil bit easier for everyone, that pill, has no recreational value.
    edit- mr bubbles your a big boy now, get your head out of your ass n do your own damn research. i mean, ak's post had the info, all you had to do was click the link....

  6. 15 mg from what was posted on this forum-


    HAHA- it would make sense- the 5-5-5.
  7. so it wont do shit to me
  8. :eek: is this guy serious ?!?!
  9. i just asked a fuckin question man dont get smart
  10. Maybe hes just as fucked up as Cheech is in that pic in his avatar :p

  11. It says that typically 10-15 mg are prescribed per day, usually divided into 2 or 3 doses.

    I guess if you take the whole 15mg at once it might have some effect. :confused_2:
  12. thats all i wanted to know and thats why u gotta rep dont have to start beein a dick aboiut shit like some people
  13. well he gave you the link.. can't you read?
    like LegitBaller said that pill has no recreational value.
  14. haha sup bubs havent talked to you in a while :) how you doin man
  15. that pill looks a hell of alot like a yellow xanax bar, hope u didnt get ripped off n u just found it cuz i know you love xanax
  16. naw man i actual found 10 in my room after a party so i was like wow man but i actually just snorted a bar took 3 earlier...smokin on some good dro..and yes i can read...bitch

    but hey venmous
  17. I don't see how a pill can't have recreational value if it warns of "drowsiness, dizziness, blurred vision; depressed mood, unusual thoughts or behavior; lack of balance or coordination." To me it sounds like it will fuck you up if you take enough. I could be wrong but could someone explain it to me?

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