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  1. Hi, I know this question has probably been asked before, but I couldn't find it in the search.

    Secret Jardin dr150 (4'11''x4'11''x6'6''), DG digital 600w convertible ballast w/ EasyCool 6'' reflector mounted with hi-lo's, 6'' Vortex fan (450ish cfm) w/ fan speed control, 25ft of 6'' ducting, Climate Control, humidifier, oscillating fan, organic soil, Nirvana White Widow & DC's Troublegum.

    I am currently just leaving the tent open all day with the fan oscillating b/c my Vortex and accessories were delayed in getting here. I am currently trying to install the fan into the tent and am tryign to get some input.

    I bought the tent off ebay and it came w/o the mounting straps (it also had some leftover buds in it from the seller not cleaning ito ut enough before shipping.) Would it be safe to use some rope or something of the sort?

    Since the reflector is on hi-lo's I am going to need some flexibility as far as the length of the ducting goes.

    Would it be best to just sit the fan on the outside of the tent so I can move the ducting as need be when lowering or raising the reflector? OR would this hinder the efficiency of the fan removing the hot air and extra humidity out of the tent? 450 cfm is pretty powerful for the size of tent that I have, though.

    If anyone has any pics of a similar situation please feel free to post.
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  3. Thanks, but I just went ahead and mounted it outside the tent and away about 2.5 feet (a little under a meter.) It works great and the fan is a beast but super quiet in my opinion. It was actually quiter installed than out of the box. It's staying at 84 without my Climate Controller hooked up. I'm guessing once I get it installed the temp will drop a couple of degrees. If not, I will have to figure something out.

    I will post pics here in a little bit.
  4. I'd install the fan outside too ,but the tent is at the middle of my living room and i'm trying to camouflage it like ...small personal photolaboratory :p
  5. Yea, luckily the only thing I have to worry about is smell. And I'm not too much worried about it.
  6. dude the Secret Jardin range is specifically designed so that your fan sits on top of the tent in the "roof sock"

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  7. Wow, I really didn't even notice that hole up there until you mentioned it. That would have been too easy for me, I guess.

    A little bit of re-routing and I'm in there.

    Thanks alot :D.
  8. my pleasure

    take care bud :smoking:
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    I've attached some pics of the final product. I think it looks pretty clean

    I still have a couple of questions, though.

    I mounted the Climate Control at the top of the tent and upside down. Will this be a problem?

    Also, I installed the ducting on the side of the reflector that the bulb is on. To me it seems more logical to put it on this side so the open end can suck more air through. Am I correct in my logic?

    Also, any reccomendations on humidifying the thing?

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  10. I see you have a DR - you have two holes in the sides of the tent so you can use one of these to run ducting to the open side of the reflector

    this way you are drawing cool air from outside the tent across the bulb and out the top of the tent

    really that tent is being used to its full extent when you have a fan on the roof running the carbon filter hanging inside and THEN another fan drawing or blowing air across the bulb and out the other side of the tent - almost like having a separate tunnel of ducting running through the tent

    hope that makes sense!

    oh yeah and it shouldnt make a difference which way up the controller is

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