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Help Moldy Bud!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by krayziebone75, Apr 17, 2004.

  1. I just found my stash that i hid 2 weeks ago and it has mold on it , so i was wonderin if it's still safe to smoke!!!!???
  2. I wouldn't know from experience, but I've heard it's fine, apparently it just tastes like shit.
  3. I left an orange peel in a sack for two days when I couldn't smoke and forgot it was in there. The orange peel was 80% mold, and there were small dots of it on various nugs. I picked off the mold with tweezers (worked best in natural sunlight, you can see where the mold ends and the weed begins) and smoked it all that day. I neither felt nor tasted anything abnormal.

  4. It can give you a nasty lung infection, I wouldn't smoke it.
  5. is the mold black??? if so, just smoke wont get u high though............but it wont hurt ya......
  6. LOL iv smoked a hit load of moldy weed, it wont do shit to ya
  7. my bud would be smoked before mold got on it :\
  8. mine too.
  9. I didn't know you can save bud.
  10. can you tell the green is moldy? Can you see the actual pieces of mold on the green? Also how long(approx) till the green grows moldy? I've never seem to come across this problem.
  11. i've never had the problem, so i wouldnt know

    ive held bud for like, over a month before either in a pill container or a ziplock bag and its never gotten moldy... oh well
  12. Ya, i used to save all my baggies and every few months i would empty them all out and get a decent amount of weed. I never saw any mold. Ive also found roaches from god knows how long ago that have been perfectly fine, althought somewhat dry :)
  13. isnt penicllin made from mold? so how can it be bad for you beside i've smoked a lot worse things then mold....and i'm fine!
  14. lol there is good mold and bad mold some mold( like the kind in house walls caused by dampness) can easily kill you if exposed to it for a long period of time in those living conditions same with bacteria some can eat all your skin off, some you can eat in yogurt. with my moldy weed i have right now( sucks) i did smoke alot of it but i have stoped i got a massive bad cough now and at night time stop breathing for short periods of time :( so sucks hopefully this will get better after my lungs cough up more of the burnt up mold lol

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