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  1. Hi everyone going to start on my second grow, my first was not so successful. Grew them on my patio and did not get very far.
    This time i'm going to purchase a PC case and attempt to grow it in there. I could use all the help i can find.
    The case im looking at right now would be this one.

    I would use the fans included in the case for intake/outtake.
    I do not know which CFLs would be best. I would think 2x 26w 6500k CFLs and 2x 26w 2700k CFLs so it would be a balanced spectrum and would do good in both veg and flowering.
    I'll be buying a windshield reflectors from walmart and outfitting my case with it. Any better alternatives?
    A digital thermometer, a powerstrip, bulb to dc converter, velcro straps. 
    Ill try to position the CFLs so the side are towards the plants because most of the light i think comes out of the side.
    They will be about 3-4 inches from the bulbs to prevent stretching, and moving the plants away accordingly.
    Im not sure what soil to start them in or what nutes to use. I live in Texas so the tap water here has a high ph, i dont know if it will be a problem.
    Maybe Miracle Gro Moisture Control?
    Oh and how to mask the smell? It will be in my room but i hope it doesnt go out so when people come in the living room smell it. Its a one floor home.
    Im have a very tight budget so budget is everything, im trying to keep it simple.
    Sun + water + soil + seeds pretty much.
    And the most efficient trimming/pruning technique for the most yield?
    Any extra information is GREATLY appreciated, please share your knowledge!  :metal: 

  2. Windshield Reflectors will run you much cheaper at a 99 cent store, I bought some for about 2$, which was the large one. The ones at wallmart run you about 6$ for the small car ones, obviously wall-mart has better quality but for a grow they work.

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