Help! MFLB or new Bong??

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by DiegsTooHigh, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. Hey guys I'm tryna decide whether to get the launch box or spend a bit more on a bong.. I can't really buy both at the moment. I'm about to move back into my college apartment and am excited bout a new smoking tool .. Just dont know which one
  2. Bong :D. Saves you weed as well. :p so its a win win.
  3. I'd go with the bong if it glass w/ ice notches and an ashcatcher.
  4. cant beat a nice soild bong bro. i'd get something simple and thick if your ganna have a bunch of parties and shit
  5. arite mang so heres the deal id say
    if ur gonna blaze up in ur crib all the time just get the bong. for 180 tops id say u can get a nice tube
    now if u want to blaze at school / in more public places, get the mflb. it doesnt blow ur brains on the first hit, mayb 3 rips and u should be pretty medicated.

    if i was in college id get the mflb and start saving weekly for a glass tube lol. i like to switch off between mostly bong then mflb just a handful of times a week
  6. Haha true true. Bongs get me ripped.. I was originally planning on buying the bong but kept reading about this mflb that everyone loves so much. My boy said he was gonna sell me a nice hitman for only like 230 so I'm probably gonna start of with that then save up for the vape. Bettt
  7. Yea man the mflb would come in clutch when walking around and going to parties
  8. I can't even smoke after getting my Launch box, the taste of smoke is terrible. I'm selling my bong and my pipes, because they don't get me as high as I can get off my LB and they taste like I'm eating ash.
  9. +1 tried the iolite, the taste was awesome
  10. lol ^ but your name is deep SMOKE
  11. Only concerns i have about the MFLB is that it seems the battery power is always a problem and they lose charge quickly. also if im just tryna toke up at my apartment. it seems like a small device that u cant just pass around in a circle to blaze up
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    I'm tokin my MFLB right now :smoke:. My advice to you is to get the bong if you are looking for a communal smoking experience (ex. a circle of your friends), but if you want an awesome stealthy piece u can use anywhere then get the MFLB. In my experience, you can get away using the MFLB with 2 people, but nothing more. It sounds like in your situation since your going to college is get the bong for the communal smoking with your friends, and then get the MFLB a bit later on when you got some money left over. It's a great device, my first vaporizor too, especially if your just a beginner to vaping.

    Update: The batteries aren't THAT bad, one on full charge will last u upwards of 3 trenches when new. You can always get higher powered batteries too, that will make it work way better i hear but I just got the MFLB so ill get the stronger one's eventually. Also if your chillin at home you can always just cycle the batteries in the charger
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    I don't really have any problems with my battery power unless I forget to charge then :p but one battery is more than enough to vape one trench, which feels , to me, to be equivalent to a joint buzz wise. I can usually squeeze two trenches out of a single battery, although after I got my power adapter I haven't even been bothering with batteries.

    But your right it's not the best for passing in a circle, it wouldn't be too bad with some extra batteries, which are only 10-15 dollars for 4, or with the power adapter, except then you have to deal with the cord maybe getting in the way or whatever. So, a bong would definitely be better for sessions with 3+ people, and the MFLB is better for personal use, sneakiness, and conserving herb. I literally consume half the herb I was using, and just spent the last two weeks re-vaping my ABV while it was dry here, and still getting high.
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    Launch box
  15. New bong. No question.
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    U use buatane I'm sure, which ruins the flavor of herb. Use a glass rod, Hempwick, or an herb iron and you will get full flavor from your bud.
  17. Mflb is working on an ac adapter for the battery, they have a prototype out so it shouldn't be too long before we can vape at home without juggling batteries :D I love my mflb, one bong pack in the launch box gets me high 4 times on average
  18. Fuck everyone here get the vape!!!!

  19. A bong saves you weed? What the hell? LOL........ :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
  20. if you're living in a dorm i would opt for the mflb as it's more compact, stealthy and doesn't smell.

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