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  1. hey guys i woke up today and my plants are looking worse they are yellowing at the bottom leaves and 1 of them is crispy and broke when i touched it. the only one that looks okay is the 1 that i didnt transplant to the 3 gallon bucket(last pic). its been a week tomorrow that i havent watered them and im thinkin they are dying.they look alot worse then yesterday. ...anyone got any clue[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  2. This is your third post on the same topic, please do not multi-post you will get an answer if you are patient. Only thing i can say is maybe a nitrogen deficiency or a root problem.
  3. my bad i thought maybe putting it in different areas was what i had to do... im new to all this forum stuff i just dont want my plants to die:eek:
  4. They look over watered or dry...which one is it? How often and how much do you water?
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    i thought i had overwatered them so its been a week today since i watered them. i transplanted them from a lil under 1 gallon pots to 3 gallon pots 3 days after i thought i overwatered them and didnt add any water to the new soil to help them get dry if thats what it was but its like they got worse after transplanting them.... and when they were in the 1 gallon pots i watered them with 1 liter of water which i think was too much but like i say they got transferred to a bigger pot without the moisture and havent perked back upp
  6. With the soil.. water soil until its not taking any more water and releasing it thru the bottom. so that is what should of happened when you transplant. I know you said that you may have overwatered them in the other pot but when transplanting always add new water.. try and time the transplant so that its water day... i think its drying out.. Id water it but be patient with it.. after watering it make sure it gets water 3 to 4 days depending also on your temps in the room. higher temps like 85 will need water a day earlier than 78-80 temps.
  7. i agree ,u should have waterde them when u transplanted and if ur feeding them,lay off the nute's for a feeding or two and see what happens,but watch them close if the leaves start turning a yellowish tint give them a 1/4 nute feeding then work your way to full strenght and u will see some awsome yeilds...gluck!!!:D

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