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Discussion in 'General' started by exploreyourmind, May 16, 2006.

  1. I need to create a huge list of reasons why I should smoke weed, so I can beat this anti-drug guy with his list of why I shouldn't. It is all dumb, but if you would help it would be appreciated.
  2. - You have chronic back pain, from that damned car accident years back.
    - Migraines always gives you double vision, your liver has gone to shit from aleve, acetaminophen, smoking weed relieves headaches naturally.
    - You have some sort of eating disorder and smoking helps increase your appetite.
    - It's a safer alternative to addictive prescription drugs, and there is no direct death from smoking Cannabis.

    - It's a nice addititive to bring down the filters of your mind in your perception of everything going on around you and make everything much more enjoyable and vivid. :p (not really a strong point for why you should smoke though)
  3. -its all natural
    -its just a plant
    -God made it for man to use
    -who the hell is the gov't to over rule Gods law
    -its proven that weed dont kill brain cells hat was just gov't propaganda i the 60s and 70s
    -its spirtually enlightining and brings you closer to the truth of the world
    -its a personal choice what one wants to put in their bodies
    -best sleeping pill EVER
    -safer than alchohal
    -has never killed anyone ever while tobacco and alchohal kill hundreds of thousands a year
    -people are peacefull when tokin no one ever starts shit or fights or does stupid things
    -soooooo many more reasons but try info from

    good luck in the debate rep for stoner kind!!!:metal:
  4. Life is short.

  5. <3
  6. because you fucking want to. to put it simply.

    that alone should be cause enough for this guy to shut up.

    i hate how people dedicate their time to preaching the dangers of marijuana. it's just a waste of time, imo.
  7. just kick his ass and tell him thats why

  8. Yeah people gotta stop defining things as "bad" and other things as "good" and just live life free of concern.
  9. You only live once. I don't want to be some 65 year old realizing I never lived my life.
  10. Because it's fun! :)
  11. because it makes you feel good
  12. because all the cool kids are doing it
  13. Its better than crack.
  14. LOL, you can be cool too, jus:bongin: and chill the fuck out!!

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