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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by smokey mac pot, Jul 5, 2002.

  1. ok i have posted this everywhere and still it hasnt been aswered.i need to know if its safe to plants some skunks in a abandoned greenhouse. it gets over 100 in there and bug are inside. but what i think would be good is this blue plastic barrel inside.i could plant them in there and that would keep away alot of ground bugs. but im worried about suffication and heat and watering. i am affraid becuase i would need tro bring my own distilled water and in cant carry that much all the wayt there. its like 2 or 3 blocks. and im afraid that the water would dry up fast.for suffication could i just put the plant outside for like 20 min ? or should i get some dry ice?i dont know see i was going to plant inside but then it got a little dangerous. sooo....i had to change it and im clueless about growing outside or in greenhouses.
  2. ok mate, 1st off ur post will probably get moved! and 2nd i wudnt waste my time plantin owt in a greenhouse that gets temp that high... would u b able2 live in them temperatures? hmm... if u can, maybe ur plants can too! sorry if i came off rude or owt, u cant actually hear me speak and im actually very nice!
  3. gringo what country are you from? or just bad english :)

    onto the post: 100 is kind of high, also in a place like that are you sure that other people don't EVER go in there just messing around or what not? And is it for sale or just sitting there, lol? How long has it been abandon?

    Well no matter what with the 100 degrees and didn't you say its hummid in there before? and the bugs, and possibility of others going in there, taking it down and what not...I don't think it's a good place to grow, but its up to you, try it! :)

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