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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by greeneyes420_us, Jun 6, 2002.

  1. Well first of all where did my pics go of my plant.I posted them in outdoor growing cause there growing outdoors and now its not there.But the reason im postin is cause some ona attacked my plant.They complatly cut off the first set of leaves and the second ones they just cut the tips off.It happened a few hours ago and it dont seem to be wilting yet .But i was wondering do u think it will live.What should i do to make it better.Plz help
  2. U really think it will be ok . i sure hope so.I cant beleive she did that
  3. Sounds like some fool has attempted a "very early" cloning!

    Just wait and see, should be ok, although the "shock" may cause a short period of no visible growth. It will recover, although the real problem now is that someone knows where your 'erb is planted! can you move it/them?
  4. I would be more worried that someone was fooling around with my plants. You need to beef up your security or find you a new secure gro location
  5. Yea i found a new spot at my girls house.I dony know what the hell they were thinkin. But they also took my seedlings. Im gonna get revenge though.She dont grow pot but she sure has some nice rose not any more

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