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  1. i need some help i put about 7 un germinated seeds in a 6 inch pot i didnt think they would all grow i planted them 2 days ago most of them were burnt sord of but one was a dark greenish color they all sproted in the same bowl what do i do ihave never gronw before so i dont know how to transfer them please help me.
  2. haha, good job =)

    do you have a lighting system or a place to grow?
    make SURE you separate those plants into their own pots fairly soon.

    REad some of the topics on growing to get more info =)
  3. Get 4" or 6" pots to get them started in,,,and any good quality potting medium....

    Make sure the medium in the pot they are in now is moist,,very carefully with fork or similar tool,,remove the medium as intact as possible tipping pot so as to lay on table,,,carefully tap apart the medium to separate each seedling as you transplant..
    place a little medium in the bottom of each new pot,,,hold each seedling dangling taproot in center of each pot,,,with a spoon or similar tool,,,carefully sprinkle the medium around the taproot until pot is full,,,with finger slightly pack the medium so as to stabilize seedling....add more medium if needed....with a clean spray bottle with distilled water(preferred) spray/mist the soil until it drains from bottom of pot,,,add more medium if settling of medium seems excessive.....

    Place seedlings immediately under flourescent fixture,,,keeping top of plant roughly 2 inches from flourescent tubes....

    I hope this far


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