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Discussion in 'General' started by brian8472, Dec 9, 2003.

  1. right now im feeling pretty bumed out i have no money to buy weed or porn or booze and i have no job i wanna do somthign with myself right now anyone have any ideas how i can get momentum goin in my life again? its almost like im not modivated to live anymore just sit around and do nothing :/ pretty boring and unsatisfying stuff
  2. if you have the internet you have porn. and tomorrow the job hunt should begin.

  3. couldnt have said it better myself..!

    it aint a career buddy! just pull something in, enough to get yea moving again!
  4. yea but what kind of job should i get? working at fast food is shitty but i might have to do it :/ and yea the computer has porn but what about booze and weed? :p anyways what are some options for decent jobs i could apply for ? im not sure where to look
  5. congrats on your success its very good and refreshing to hear somthing of that sort give me hope for myself :) i think im gonna go make myself a resume and give her around to differnt places, do i need a cover letter tho?
  6. I think a simple resume would be all you need. And in many cases not even that. A lot of places just ask you to fill out an application and don't even want resumes, especially for just temporary type/part time jobs. You would do well to find some references, because most applications ask for them. Either past employers or even past teachers and profs work well. Get all your info together about previous jobs/work experience, contact info, etc. Most applications ask for all of this. Cover letter shouldn't be a necessity.

    Good luck!

    EDIT I think may try to get a job at Lowes or somewhere similar in the spring. Much more appealing to me than fast food/grocery store work. I've heard most start around $7 an hour, but ya, you gotta be 18. I filled out one of their applications before, it was all on a computer. You just sit down and answer a bunch of questions at a computer. Takes about 30-45 min. No resume.
  7. just don't get a job at fast food... its degrading and can make depression worse if you ask me.
  8. Well, you can't have everything :p Go get a shitty job, then maybe you can afford booze and weed. Then you can get pissed at the job you have and look for a better job.
  9. I recommend being a waiter in a resteraunt that has a bar (out back, chili's TGI Fridays etc.etc.) ask to be trained how to bartend (even if you just make friends with one of the bartenders and ask them about doing it)once you feel confident you can take the liceincing test and get liceneced to sell alchohol, and apply for bartending positions. With the money you should be making at bartending you should have time to figure out what you want to do for a career. You can also look up schools on gambling and bartending. Heck if you're interested, they can teach you how to be a dealer and you could get a job at a casino, or abourd a cruise line or something! And Dealers make GREAT money! Anyway, just my opinions.
  10. i hve a job at a supermrket and the truth is it isnt all that bad. sometimes i look forward to going to work. i get to fuck around alotta time but when i dpo actually work its not that bad. you just have to gethe hang of things and maybe you will begin to like your job. and if you still dont have one i suggest somting such as a gardening center/ landscape place. its relitively easy work and you start off witha good salary. thats how it is around here
  11. yea i think tomarrow im gonna go look around in the mall near my home, i grow tired of all this stealing and lies i wanna make money the fair way again :p

  12. 2 Wrongs never make a right..

    Get a job at a fast food place or grocery store to start if you have too.. You can always get a better job..

    Talking about stealing on this forum is also bad... If you think that some of the law enforcement isn't watching you are going to be wrong... They could use what you say here to put you in jail..

    With all the sites and forums in the US either being closed down or redirected (like High Times) you have to know they are watching.. It's not very hard to find out who you are and where you are..

    Just some friendly advice..
  13. Pizza delivery is probably one of the best jobs for "unskilled workers." Especially Dominos Pizza. They get the most deliveries and they have the least amount of work you have to do besides delivering. I was making, on average, 12 dollars an hour off-the-books. Never less than 10, sometimes over 15, always off the books. And by off the books I mean after taxes, even though I don't report my tips the regular pay still gets taxed.
  14. yea but all my crimes are under $1000 so im ok :p

  15. Any crime you commit is not good.. Would you like for some one to commit a crime against you every time you commit a crime??

  16. i feel like i should be sending away for one of those Mcgruff the crime dog books now.... :D

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