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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by break911, Jan 9, 2002.

  1. I want to grow 2 plants (my first). I dont know any materials i need because every manual on the net explains how to cultivate professionally! I dont want any of that bullshit! Just a simple way to grow 2 plants! I already have the seeds and have a few friends who have some experience in it! But nothing big! Please e mail it to me because im not shure ill ever com,e back to this site! Thanx a lot! e mai:
  2. If you're not coming back to this site and you have friends who are experienced growers, why should we e-mail you info on growing when ther is tons of info out there already just for the surfing around.
  3. My friends do not know much! Just tips from others! Not much stable proof of anything! Wez all amateurs! Plz hlp! Thnx
  4. my advice would be to read read read, it may sound like a boring and stupid idea but if you want to grow some premium plants then youre gonna need to do some research...go ahead and just drop your seeds in the dirt and come back 6 months or so later, but dont expect it to be anything spectacular, they need to be prepared for in advance if you plan on yielding anything worth your time. just my two cents worth about growing.

    Love Peace N Chicken Grease,

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