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  1. Just started growing and have put me seeds in a paper towel and and put it in a zip lock bag but i dont know when to put them in dirt or how much light i should use for 9 plants and what kind of light sould i use thanks for the help
  2. For certian have a look at

    most questions are answered there.

    as for when to plant into soil, as soon as the seeds have germinated, you can plant them into soil (root point down) avoid touching with your hands, use tweezers and gently pick - and place the little seeds, use starter pots (4-5 inches deep) for them to root and veg for while... you can use cool white flourescent shop lights to get your seedlings ready to transplant... you can keep the light on 24 hours a day, or you can get a timer (which youll need anyway, so you might as well go and get one) and set it for 18h on 6h off, this will allow your plants to rest and preform thier special at night duties... now for nine plants youd have to have an awful lot of fluorescents (which means more space & more work to move them up or down...) to provide the needed intensity and coverage, so if you really want 9 plants you should get yourself a 450w hps light (a simple rule is 50w of light per sq. ft. of illuminated grow space.) Ideally a MH's(metal halide) blue spectrumed light is prefered for vegging a plant, and a HPS's(high pressure sodium) red spectrumed light is preferred for flowering, but you can use a hps for the entire grow. your plants will need to be transplanted into larger containers, 5 gallon buckets are good, so keep this in mind for space...

    when you get into that many plants, there are a few more things youll have to educate yourself in, like how to control the overpowering smell that will be visually pouring out your windows....ok thats a bit of an exaggeration.... but you will have to have some kind of control over it... such as the air from the room being forced through a carbon filter. ventilation is neccesary, as well as heat and humidity control.

    and as many people here so elegantly put it...there will be no vacations for you. it will become necessary to raise your light (if its a HID - high intensity discharge - lamp such as the HPS) almost everyday, as your plants grow...

    if after reading some of this you decide mabey 9 plants is too much, you can always just grow a couple just to get the hang of it before venturing into more, bigger better and expensive setups.. (a light will cost you a couple hundred bucks alone...and it IS worth it... but perhaps not yet.)

    you can grow one or two plants under some shop lights all the way through, yes it will take longer then with a mh or hps light, but it will allow you to grow your patients also... and learn many things youll need to know before growing more... you can see what i grew under 80 watts of cw flouro light in the "picture updates" thread.

    check out this will give you much more detailed explinations of things needed for your situation whatever that may be.

    please dont let this post discourage you by any means, i just dont want to see you go and spend 5 hundred bucks getting everything set up and end up with nine dead plants as a result of confusion on what to do which ends up turning into frustration...(even worse...) grow a plant...take notes, and youll be able to produce a nice yielding crop in no time..

    take care..

  3. thanks man i dont know anything about growing how would i flower my plants and how much light are they ganna need every day thanks for the help man.
  4. for vegging your plants (producing leaves...) youll need 18 hours of light a day, thus you will need a timer, digitals are prefered, Ive had bad luck with the turning ones (if you look at them youll know what i mean..) you can find a real cheap deal from someone named stanely johnson on ebay, one nice dig timer and a bonus outdoor daylight to dusk both for 10 bucks. you will set your timer for 18 on 6 off, during the off time, you must make sure absolutely no light gets to your plants, if you allow light leaks during the dark cycle, you will stress your plants and a herm will be the result (male and female. not desirable.)

    you will veg these for quite a few weeks until they reach the point of flowering you desire. this is up to you as you know how tall you can allow them to get, once forced to flower your plants may double or even triple in size, a good rule to follow is to flower at around 1 1/2 feet tall if you let it get much taller than this before flowering you may end up with a 7 foot plant... if this is not desired flower at the above height.

    to flower you will cut back the length of time of which your light is on to 12 hours, thus you will set your timer to 12 on 12 off. again, make absolute certian that there are NO LIGHT LEAKS. do whatever is neccesary to make sure this doesnt happen, you will be very dissapointed at the end when your picking out hundreds of seeds because they hermed out on you. (males pollinated the females producing the seeds.....etc)

    obviously this means no peaking at the off times.

    hope this helps, any more q's, just let me/us know

    take care.
  5. hey thanks for the tip but there is one more thing how much should i water my plants when they ferst start to grow thanks for the help man
  6. general rule of thumb is to stick your finger about an inch into the soil, if it feels dry, water. BUT with small sized pots, you shouldnt have to stick your finger in it as you will be able to tell by the looks and feel of the container (feels heavy, like right after watering, you need not water - feels light, as before watering, than water.).

    clay pots absorb and evaporate water fast, thus plants grown in clay pots will need water more often... but, its not hard to see when its time to water, just look at the soil and if you must, turn a bit over to see if it looks moist. if it does wait to water.

    soil should have the moistness (approx. youll never get it perfect, dont worry about it.) of a wringed out sponge, soil sould be evenly moist throughout, and hopefully you have drainage holes in the bottom of the containers already. if not, somehow put them there. you need drainage, esp. in shallow containers as sitting water can drown your roots, amongst other things.

    relatively simple.

    take care mon.

    ave atque vale.

    and again, any questions - I be here.

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