Help me womba, leaves dieing

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  1. 1st 1 plant had problem, now i see all do but others just started. I have a nps in there so i dont think its bugs and i dont see any web from mites. I also dont think its heat becuase top leaves are fine

    Any help appreciated

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  2. i got the same problem goin on. ima keep up with this thread.
  3. Did you use any epsom salts?
  4. Nute burn, P-def, interveinal chlorosis, drooping and what not.
    Your soil is totally screwed up.
    Do you have a pH reading on that?

    Oh never mind, just transplant into something decent and do not overwater and/or overnute again.
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    Thanks man, I am using sunshine pro mix & peru bird quano, wormcasing, and jamiacan bat guano as nutes added to water.

    i flushed b4 you posted would that be good for the nute burn?

    i flushed before you posted, would that help with the nute burn?

    What is interveinal chlorosis, how does it happen and how to cure, how do u know pdef? any info on the droop what would cause that ? is it over watering?:(
  6. I flushed b4 you posted would that help?
  7. I would lean more towars a Magnesium defecientcy bro. Look into that also, N-P-K what do you feed the plants? and how much?
  8. You're using organic nutes, they take time to decompose into absorbable nutes.
    If you've overdone it flushing only makes things worse, decompositon will go faster.

    Drooping is from overwatering, chlorosis is the yellowing of the leaves between the veins (lines on the leaf), those black large stains on the leaf are from P-def.

    In short, you are so far up shit creek the only thing that can help is a transplant.
    Pull the plants, flush out all the soil between the roots and stick 'em in some decent soil.

    And wait at least a week before judging results, the plant will need time to adjust and the damaged parts of the plant may never recover.

    Good luck!
  9. FFOF with 20% added perlite if using soil from a bag,its the best solution for soil from a bag.

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