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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by nottolongago, Apr 7, 2004.

  1. well i was thinking about digging an undergound grow room about 4x3 only enough for 3-6 plants. the only problem i thought of would be a way to get the hps light working. is there such thing as a battery powered hps light? If you guys think of any thing plz let me know thanks.
  2. You need a power line out there. This post should be in indoor or better growroom design.
  3. bury a power line if its in ur backyard or somethin or get a generator, but i dont think that would be very efficient, u cant really do this unless its in ur backyard
  4. 4x3? how do you plan on getting in there to maintain the plants.... i mean hell, your diggin atleast a 5 - 8' deep hole anyway, why not widen it out to say 4x 8, and have a 4' wide x 3 or 4' deep closet on one end of it, then you can go down inside the room to maintain the plants... hell make a 4wide x 3 deep box on one end, and youve got another 24 ft² in there.

    could have another little setup for mothers, and another little one for clones... (like say you dug the hole 6' deep, that way the inside of your room would be 5' (leaving 1' of space above to be filled up with dirt again to conceal the box) inside the room on the wall opposite the 4 x 3 closet, build a box about 18" wide in one corner x 12" deep... make a shelf with ~ 24 - 30" of height for the mothers, and another the same for the clones... what ever is left over should be on the top of the closet, where you could put a ventilation fan or 2 blowing up through some 4" pvc pipe (be sure to either use a couple of 90 elbows, or a conventional house vent cover to keep raing from going down the pipe (water into an electric fan = not good)

    with your door being a 2' x 2' chimeny in the roof, with a door that has soil and vegitation on it (make the top of the door out of 2x4s (treated wood) makeing a 3.5" deep trough, now line that trough with plastic (garbage bag) and fill it with soil, plant some shrubs from the surrounding enviroment that have a shallow root system. they'll either get natural rain, or your gonna have to water them every now n then)

    also make another 4" pipe going down into the flowering room, and another going into the main room, from which the smaller cab with draw air... personally i'd have a seperate exaust for flowering , and a smaller exaust from the clones/mums (smaller light = less heat) i know that means 4 big PVC exausts above the ground, but with a bit of dark green paint (or whatever blends in the the natural surrounding better) i think it'll be easy to hide.... the more airflow you get in there the better....

    my few cents

  5. or you could just build a new house underground :)

  6. thats what i was implying... seeing as he said he was thinking about maing an underground room...

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