Help me with this Magnesium deficiency please

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  1. If you look at my other threads you'll see that I have had a serious and incredibly frustrating time dealing with my fan leaves turning yellow in the past. This time I think I have confirmed that its a magnesium deficiency/lockout problem.

    •400w light
    •Growing in pro mix HP
    •Using Genergal Hydroponice drain to waste program (floragro, floramicro, florabloom, and CalMag)
    •Tap water mixed with nutes and pH'd to 6.3
    •4 weeks into flowering now
    •Runoff pH = 5.8

    Last 2 feedings I gave them nutes (around 800ppm both times) as I thought I was dealing with a nitrogen problem. Today I gave them water with a bit of nitrogen as I stupidly still thought it was a nitrogen deficiency. A quick google search after I alresdy watered today revealed it is most likely a Magnesium deficiency I am guessing is caused by nutrient lockout. A few sites recommend flushing the plant with water and then adding a half strength dose of nutes. I gave it a watering again today right after feeding it with a bit of N and watered until there was a good amount of run off but not a full flush.

    My question is can anyone confirm this is in fact a Magnesium deficiency based on my info and pictures and should I go ahead and wait a day or two or until dry before adding more nutes at half strength with CalMag?

    I believe its a magnesium lockout because I have given the plants CalMag almost every nute feeding. Appreciate any help and please let me know if you need more info. 20190621_143556.jpg 20190621_143602.jpg 20190621_143607.jpg 20190621_143613.jpg

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