Help me with some ideas: Toking in the forest

Discussion in 'General' started by SublimeFTW420, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. Near my house theirs a very old trail, which leads to the mall, and inside the trail there is mad places to chill out and burn. I recently found this wide open spot sorrounded by trees, and with enough trees on top for there to be no sun whatsoever, just shade. It's a nice spot and I wanted to pimp it out a bit for my burning pleasure.

    My plan as of right now is to make a few benches, and put it all on the outside part of the smoke spot. Like around the edges. Then in the middle, I was thinking a homemade beer pong table, and everyone could take turns chillin, or playing beer pong.

    I was wondering if any of you had any good ideas, or pictures of good ideas to add to my brand new smoke spot.:smoke:
  2. Don't get jumped man.
  3. do people pass it often, beacuse if so you would be risking losing your stuff
  4. Nope, no one, its like inception, a trail, within a trail, and in that trail you take a left into some woods and your in a closed, open area....if that makes sense
  5. look for stuff people throw out and use that.... if it gets stolen who cares
  6. get sofas. people leave old sofas on the street for free all the time.

    dont put anything too nice though. itll rain and itll all get messed up or at least wet for a few days.
    even if its shaded, the rain will find it

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