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  1. So this is what i have so far...
    Its gonna go on my chest, over my heart.
    The lion is a famous statue from my city - Nottingham.
    I started shading the head but i couldnt be arsed haha.
    I just wanted to see if you guys have got any ideas or anything?

  2. The head is good, but the body definitely needs more detail. Eventually you should bounce off ideas with the tattoo artist as he will really know how to make the piece stand out, with shading and more details. Good luck.
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    Yeah to be honest i'm just gonna approach him with this outline, maybe not even the writing cause i wouldnt want him to copy it as is..
    The shading was really just me being stoned last night, but i scanned in the outline so i'm just gonna play around with it and see what happens
    What are your thoughts on this kinda style..
    Its kinda my own style i've developed over years of doodling.. almost aztec kinda geometric pattens. Proper block blacks and just hints of color. What are you thoughts on applying this style to the tattoo? I was thinking because its almost sphnix like it'll lend itself to this kinda over-the-top geomotry.
    edit: Crackden is the name of our music familiy, we dont take crack haha. Its from the messy as fuck places we'd live in and make music at, always looked like a crack den. So we formed The Crackden Family
  4. I think applying the style you have adapted over the years into the tattoo is a good idea. But also make sure to bounce ideas off the artist like the blades above me suggested, only so he makes sure to do something well done, and well executed.
  5. Digging the style man. But always be careful with the finer details when getting a tattoo and remember that skin changes throughout your life and will not always be tight, the sagging does and will happen. If you can get a good tattoo artist that makes the lines straight and bold you should be golden.
  6. thanks guys, i'm gonna smoke a little tonight and get some ideas down (wish i wasnt out of printer ink, i could of just printed loads of templates. :( )
    I was thinking since the statue is stone, it might look kinda.. weird with just a light grey color, i'm pretty pale. I need something to kinda fill that space on the body.. any ideas? Or like a technique or something. :/
    Yeah this will be an issue, but i've kinda just thought that since this will be on my pec, and i'm in relatively good healthy shape at the moment, it will be somewhat of a motivation to keep healthy, and not over or under exercise. 
  8. just do it, it is the actual statue in the city then go for ot
  9. Word. Sounds good man. 
    This is the statue, well, there's one facing in at each side so two. I think its a badass statue and anyone that's local uses this as a meeting spot in the center. EVERYONE knows where the left lion is. 
    I really wanted this angle so you could get it all.. but i think it would look silly. i either like really defined lines, or none at all, and i dunno how you'd fade this out or position it without it looking strange. :(
    Will this work? Like, not the motivation, but since i'm 19 and around the size i feel best at.. will it still look pretty decent for quite a while if i look after my body?
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    remove the 2nd T and the G. Then change the lion to an erect penis penatrating a ham. The words will read: "NOT IN HAM"
    If you take out the 2nd T and replace it with the H then it will read "NOTHING AM"
    hahahahaha sorry for being a troll i am baked and could not resist.
    hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa   :hello:
    we have much worse nick names. Not even counting the fact we used to be called Snottingham. :(

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